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  • I like to amuse myself

    There are a couple things I like to do

    1. is when I am on the freeway and someone wants to pass me. I will speed up so they miss the opportunity. Not all the time, just sometimes.
    2. On the internet, being a thread killer. Haha. Especially when things annoy you. Haha

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    Originally posted by Geonagual
    1. is when I am on the freeway and someone wants to pass me. I will speed up so they miss the opportunity. Not all the time, just sometimes.
    you're one of THEM.

    i'll gladly let people pass me. but when they choose not to and tailgate me instead, i do slow way the fuck down.


    • tumbling.dice
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      I do that too. Once I slowed down to around 45 mph and dude was still on my ass. I had to pull over to get him around me. I hate idiot drivers.

    • Amerijuanican
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      I did that just recently. They would not pass so I pulled off onto the shoulder. He gave this look as he passed like wtf?
      First time that's happened to me.

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    Just make sure you don't do that to emergency service vehicles mate.


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      Originally posted by Loverofcatsandfooty
      Just make sure you don't do that to emergency service vehicles mate.
      Never. I always pull to the side matey


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        i had a near road rage incident this morning. i was at a red light waiting to make a left turn. i was actually at work, going from one site to another, and i was in a bit of a hurry, so i was watching the light closely. the light turned green and i immediately started to go, but in the time it took for me to move my foot from the gas to the brake the guy behind me decided to blast on his horn, and when i looked in my mirror he was doing that arm flail that is universal for "what the fuck are you doing?" so naturally i hit the brakes and took the corner super slow. then i just went back to normal driving. but the guy behind me flew into a parking lot and started waving for me to join him. even if i wasn't in the middle of working, i would not have done that. i continued to the next red light, where he flew up next to me and started yelling something. so i opened my window and shouted "what the fuck is your problem?" before i even had the entire sentence out he suddenly ran the red light and took off down a side street, never to be seen again.

        i don't think i'm particularly intimidating? maybe he just expected me to cower from him?


        • Jessica
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          after "immediately started to go" did you mean from the brake to the gas rather than the gas to the brake? not just saying this to correct you if it is. if i'd noticed that and i was sure it was an error i actually wouldn't bother saying anything but i'm struck by the thought that i am wrong and missing something and i have to know

        • Undies
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          Jessica when i'm at a red light, i like to keep the gas all the way down to rev my engine and annoy everyone else at the intersection.

          no really, that was a mistake. brake to gas is what i meant to say.

        • Fun
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          Haha rev that engine! :P j/k that's dumb.
          Haha just remembered what this thread was for.
          I like to be amused by others, but sometimes I amuse myself. Not now tho. :P

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        I expected this thread to be more raunchy..


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          Originally posted by Din Djarin
          I expected this thread to be more raunchy..
          I'll leave a humorous moment here then lol..

          A few years ago I was in my local small town, leaving the gas station I used to like (now closed) it's hard to get in/out of but great prices and they sell neat "things" @ the counter.

          Was waiting to pull onto the highway when the car in front of me pulls out into traffic and cut off the truck coming up on him.
          The truck had some teen guys in it, one of them rolls his window down, seats himself on top of the door where you would rest your arm, and pumps his fist in the air three times. Third time the "finger" pops up.

          The guy who caused all this was almost a block ahead by then and likely didn't even see any of this, but I was sitting there lmao

          This would have been video worthy.
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          • Din Djarin
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            Not raunchy though, which I don't neccesary insist on btw