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Kaizen (Japanese obligation that only takes a minute)

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  • Kaizen (Japanese obligation that only takes a minute)

    Japanese are supposed to devote themselves to the principal of Kaizen. Meaning they find an area of their life they want to improve and spend a minute a day at least improving it.

    So, my goal today is to spend a minute or more cleaning my meth pipe (just kidding ) sink and counter. That isn't really a skill , but it kinda is. I was never taught to be neat and tidy.

    Are you down to practice Kaizen too? What the Japanese discover is that when you do it for a minute, you eventually start wanting to devote a lot more than a minute to it and it eventually becomes a new habit and skill that enhances one's life.

    Perhaps if you are an atheist, you can devote a minute of your day each day to petitioning a Deity to reveal themselves and the truth to you. You really have nothing to lose. A minute aint sweat off your sack!

    Then on judgement day you can say, "What about the fact that I prayed to you everything fucking day and you left me feeling like you just aren't there???"

    Seriously, a minute a day in prayer could have huge scientifically proven benefits on your blood pressure, Dopamine levels, Serotonin, Endorphins, staying sober, Gabba, relaxation, energy levels etc.