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Would your house survive a zombie apocalypse?

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  • Would your house survive a zombie apocalypse?

    I have a locked security door and I don't know how strong zombies are but my window kinda high, so not so sure the zombie would have the muscles or strength to pull himself up and over into my apartment.

    What would you do during a zombie outbreak and what items would you purchase?

    I have mixed feelings about being a zombie. It seems like being being stoned and on large amounts of benzo's, and there isn't a whole lot to worry about other then eating human flesh. So, during a zombie outbreak I'd not survive out of sheer lack of motivation to board up my windows and I kinda thrive on chaos.

    When black lives matter was burning structures here in the Twin Cities, it reminded me of a zombie apocalypse where all the windows were being boarded up with wood and there was broken glass everywhere.

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    Yes, of course your house would survive...but would zombies be able to get into it...?


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      i feel like windows in zombie movies are a lot weaker than windows in real life. basically a couple zombies touch the glass and it shatters instantly.

      but assuming zombies actually bust through windows with that ease, i'm pretty fucked. i have one window that goes all the way to the ground, and one that's about knee high.


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        I'd just throw myself to the zombies. Fuck it.


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          I'm Lucky......We Don't Get Zombies Here In Australia......

          Cheers Glen.