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What was the last thing you said you were sorry for?

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  • What was the last thing you said you were sorry for?

    I'm sorry for not acting like a gentleman and being very immature. I'm slowly growing but it's at least a step backwards for every two steps forward. One must be constantly examining their conscience to erradicate from the mind , heart, and soul, dishonorable , shameful behavior.

    What was the last thing you recall apologising for?

    Today it was not have a lighter when a guy needed it. It was weird. Some dude on a bike stops and asks for a light. I told him I don't have one. He asked "why not"?

    What a weird reply right? I responded, "I don't smoke cigarettes".

    I smoke my meth at home as a religious ritual with a blessed candle, but I'm weaning myself off that as well. No more Shinto Holy Communion lol.

    But yeah...sometimes on this forum I have to apologise and then fall into the same error. It's like cleaning the floor.

    I'm learning to value being miserable. Like today is an unhappy bitter miserable day, but it teaches me what other people are going through and how I have contributed to the suffering in the world. Better that I am miserable and sensitive and considerate , than drunk and offensive and inconsiderate.

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    My last apology I said:

    "I'm sorry for what I said when you were being a cunt"


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      lol, very you

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    I can't remember the last time.
    It's a word I try like Hell to avoid saying, especially and always around a death.

    If I mess up and make a mistake, there are many other words and phrases that can accommodate remorse or apology without having to use that word.

    That word to me feels like a cop-out, something that's so easy to say without any true genuine feeling behind it.

    To be really be sad for something or some one, come up with a deep original thought instead of a single two syllable word.

    When using that word, it's in a discussion or descriptive re-enactment that I've had with someone in a third or fourth party. ?


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      I really hate the term used around death too, Pete.
      although it's something I find myself doing too, resorting to "I'm sorry for your loss"
      Even though I know how I feel about it when I'm in that position.. it's still hard to think of something else to say when you're trying to convey sympathy to someone.
      when I'm the one suffering the loss and I tell someone about it, I sometimes find myself saying "you don't have to say you're sorry, I already know you are" but then that leaves the other person with nothing to say lol.
      I guess death is just one of those things where there are no words but we all awkwardly try to talk through it and communicate our feelings about it anyways


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        No Reason To Say Sorry Here.......

        I Don't Make Mistakes.

        I Make Prophecies Which

        Immediately Turn Out

        To Be Wrong.......

        Cheers Glen.


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          Probably either when I was ordering Mexican food and decided to switch up my order or down at the market when I couldn't hear what the masked clerk said.