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Never buy cheap ammo

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  • Never buy cheap ammo

    Sometimes you’ve got to learn the hard way

    I bought about 200 steel-cased bullets for my gun a while back. I was feeling stingy and cheap that day. The clerk at the sporting goods store even warned me that the casings had too much friction on them, which would likely cause the bullets not to slide in the magazine very well and jam up the mechanism. I was just like yeah whatever I’m ok.

    Turns out he was right. Not only did the gun jam up every few shots, it required much more frequent cleaning. Now that ammo is expensive due to a mass shortage with people buying it up en masse, I have to wait in line with the rest and spend more than usual on the good stuff nowadays.

    At least now I’m stocked up on the good stuff. Brass cased bullets are the way to go. Later this weekend I’m going out to the woods to blow away all the crappy steel bullets

    Should be a fun weekend
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    You should check with the manufacturer specification and see what type of loads it recommends..


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      Originally posted by 6-eyed

      Should be a fun weekend
      I don't know, sounds frustrating if you have to deal with constant jams.


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        stick to brass

        and save them to reload

        also if steel is all you can get maybe talk to a gunsmith and a better extractor might be available or they might be able to modify the existing one to grab better
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          I've always been told .....beware da bear