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Have you ever had an unhealthy obsession with someone?

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  • Have you ever had an unhealthy obsession with someone?

    So, I love Leah from the Old Testament. She suffered rejection and abuse her whole life and was unwanted by her husband Jacob. Spiritual writers said she represents rejection and the cross (suffering).

    So I named the cross that Christ commands me to carry daily Leah. I shall carry Leah daily and die with her.

    In Joseph's prophetic dream where the sun represents Jacob, the moon represents Leah, so I gave the moon a name (Leah), and I give the moon a Fascist salute and talk to her. Saint Francis of Assisi referred to her as "Sister moon"

    Mussolini (a name which means Jacob) considered himself a spouse of the Fascist state in the same way that Christ is the Spouse of the Church, so I named the Fascist state Leah, and asked her to marry me, because both Jacob and Benito Mussolini's second wife's were named Rachel. Jacob's first wife was Leah.

    So, I fell in love with a girl at first sight named Lia (ecclesiastical Latin for Leah) and asked her to marry me and started sharing this info with her. It made her uncomfortable and I jumped off a building that day breaking multiple bones.

    After spending ten weeks in a wheel chair , I limped back to her and established a friendship. I felt she was my destiny but eventually she could tell my feelings for her were an obsession that wasn't healthy.

    I met her around the time I was studying the writings of Rachel Mussolini and learning that Jacob in the old testament prefigured and overshadowed Mussolini. People called me "Matthew Mussolini" or Mussolini the 2nd because of all the pictures of Mussolini on my door and walls.

    I thought, "both Jacob and Mussolini have the same names, they acted the same, both married Rachel, so if Mussolini the 2nd Marries Leah, I have completely sealed the prophecy that the Old Testament prefigured The Italian Dictato
    r who penned the "Doctrine of Fascism". IT'S FREAKIN DESTINY!

    I shared this info with her and she locked herself in a room when I showed up where she worked. She said , "Matt, this makes me feel very uncomfortable, I don't feel safe. I immediately followed her and continued to speak what was in my heart and the police showed up. Her coworker was trying to stop me the whole time.

    Later the police showed up to give me a restraining order.

    One reason I pursued her the way I did was because originally Rachel rejected Benito Mussolini's marriage proposal. They had been friends since the age of 7 but she didn't want to marry him.

    He saw her dancing with another boy when she was 17, and he snatched her from him, finished the dance, dragged her to a taxi cab, brought her to her mother's house, and her mother said, "if you do this again Benito, I will call the police".

    Benito said, "right!" He left the room with a loaded pistol pointed at Rachel's mother. He said, "there are six bullets in this revolver. I'm putting a bullet in Rachel and five bullets in myself if she doesn't agree to marry me".

    Rachel responded, "I've always loved Benito, and I guess this is what was necessary to push me to the brink". Within two minutes they were engaged to be married. He didn't have a wedding ring or flowers, just a gun with a message that Rachel would either marry him or he would kill himself and take her to the world of the dead with him.


    I decided I had to pursue Lia with similar zeal just not with a gun lol. I still believe I was called to marry her, I just fucked it up with my drug use and how I went about it was too frightening for the poor girl.

    Have you ever been obsessed with someone?

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    Also, interesting fact, if Jacob never married Rachel and Leah, and Benito Mussolini never pulled a gun on Rachel's mother to marry Rachel, I would not currently have my apartment and I would be living at higher ground homeless shelter, if her name was suzan or any other name but Rachel.

    My pursuit of Lia caused the shelter to contact an agency which paid for me to get an apartment. So technically, Rachel and Benito Mussolini got me this apartment. I wouldn't live here were it not for them, because it's because of them that I was bombarding Leah (Lia) with all this frightening info.

    This apartment is way better than higher ground and my whole destiny has changed because of Rachel and Benito Mussolini and I live an arms reach away from my best friend and I got to be there for him and console him when his brother was shot and killed on Mussolini's birthday, July 29, same day Supermodel Nafisa Joseph (close relative of Tagore who "sang the praises of the Duce") hung herself.

    I was also there for him to help him out financially with the government stimulus check.

    I'm dead serious! I know that lies could never bear good fruit but there are supernatural forces at work.


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      The only time I had an unhealthy obsession is over a high school crush, and ex-girlfriend who I longed to get back with.
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        In comparison to the way people dig through years and years of people's past tweets and such these days, I would say no but I have had an unhealthy infatuation before.

        In light of some of the ruthless exchanges on here recently, I'm not really eager to go into detail.


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          Yeah, I can become obsessive. It's led me to do strange and embarrassing things before, but I've also learned valuable lessons, so I'm not sure if it's necessarily unhealthy.

          Girls generally want stable men, regular guys. And I think you and I both know that's not where we're at. You can't sacrifice esoteric interests for a house with a white picket fence.

          But you can take a deep breath and not go off the deep end. You can't blame a girl for not wanting a guy who's gonna leap from a rooftop. But hindsight is 20/20. Shoulda just told her you loved her and left it at that.

          A lot of times, a little goes a lot further. But I certainly understand how it is.

          I don't think I'm capable of becoming obsessive anymore. As you get older, you'll grow out of it. And the grass is greener on the other side.


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            I too have had ridiculous impossible crushes. On the plus side, I've never followed an autistic woman around the internet.


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              Originally posted by Undies
              I too have had ridiculous impossible crushes. On the plus side, I've never followed an autistic woman around the internet.
              I've flirted with girls online but only once was it really following and she wasn't autistic. But still I admit, it's creepy to do that so I shouldn't have. Mea Culpa!

              Lia was a friend I had for about two years in real life who was finishing college to be a therapist.

              She actually really enjoyed my company sometimes or so it seemed by the way she would laugh and smile and show interest in having conversation but she was a psychology major, knew I had issues, knew I was on probation for violently trying to murder a man with a butcher knife, then started sharing some of my obsession with the Italian Dictator and how that was creating an obsession with her, and it totally fucked everything up.

              But that can be expected.

              She did nothing wrong, but she knows I jumped off a building over her and broke multiple bones in the fall, so that probably doesn't make her feel good, especially when her dream and vocation is to help the mentally ill.


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                Matthew Mussolini Was jumping off the building a suicide attempt or were you intoxicated or something else?


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                  Originally posted by Audiogen
                  Matthew Mussolini Was jumping off the building a suicide attempt or were you intoxicated or something else?
         was NOT a cry for help. It was three stories onto concrete that I was certain I wasn't going to be waking up from. My other suicide attempt was laying down in front of an oncoming metro transit train in the middle of the night which would have chopped me in half. Also not a cry for help but I got arrested and the train stopped.

                  With the jump I did ten weeks in a wheelchair with multiple broken bones and my urethra was so clogged with scar tissue from a shattered pelvis that my bladder was full for weeks and after the camera and surgery inside my penis (however the hell they do that) it felt like pissing out broken glass and I was urinating blood clots larger than marbles and trails of blood coming out of my penis left on the floor (and people bitching about that. I wore depends drenched in blood....that's what happens to ill Duce when he has his period hahaha!!!

                  For the first week I shit myself too and they couldn't get a catheter in. If I lived back before they could go into your penis with a camera and unclog the scar tissue , I would have died from infections due to inability to urinate.

                  That was why I became all religious , was it is a major spiritual awakening to go through that. Originally I couldn't move and couldn't talk to visitors because I had tubes coming out of my throat that I was trying to rip out , so the Doctors knocked me out with barbiturates.

                  The ketamine and diladed injections together were the shit though.


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                    My Pisces dance instructor/dance partner


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                      Originally posted by Undies
                      I too have had ridiculous impossible crushes. On the plus side, I've never followed an autistic woman around the internet.
                      I take comfort as well in being able to adequately put things in perspective

                      But seriously: i think almost every one had an unhealthy obsession or infatuation with someone else at some point in their life. It's only human. Not everyone acts upon it in an equally unhealthy way though (and i happily did neither :P )