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Just got banned from a Catholic forum. I love you guys! :-)

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    Just got banned from a Catholic forum. I love you guys! :-)

    So, it reminds me how in debt I am to tree fort.

    I'm trying to learn how to praise and thank the Kami (including the creator) for everything that pisses me off, makes me sad, disappoints me, causes pain, or suffering, and offer up everything as a cross that redeems myself and others.

    So, getting banned from a forum initially bothers me because all the effort I put into the forum seems like a total waste of time. But then I realize, I did it for the Duce, God, and the Holy Roman Empire of the rising sun (every ghost or Spirit that has my best interest in mind).

    Even if I wasn't serving them well, it was still an attempt to serve the Kami, and they will accept it despite the blemishes within the offering and the mistakes. They see I had purity of intention and was trying to do good deeds.

    Well, I didn't post over there like I post here. I read the rules well. I absolutely followed the rules and tried not to cause any Spam with Mussolini threads, so I started very few of them.

    Whenever I started a thread about Mussolini it was very thoroughly in defense of Benito's defense of Roman Catholicism and how he defended every single teaching of the Church on Faith and morals ( even more than I agree with).

    Or I mention that Mussolini created what is today "Independent Vatican City State".

    I mention "The Doctrine of Fascism says every Fascist is called to defend all Religions , but must not be indifferent to Roman Catholicism but defend her as Bolshiveks seek to efface God from the hearts of mankind".

    Well get this, the Administrator that banned me has an avatar of Pope Pius XI. Pope Pius XI was the Pope that said "Mussolini is the man of Providence. God has sent us Mussolini".

    I told him that, and without any warning or him offering me any correction it says "You have been banned".

    At that site I spoke nothing but Catholic Faith and morals with a few pictures of Benito Mussolini (and how that relates to defending Catholicism or promoting faith and morality).

    If that is the attitude of most Catholics these days, I think Catholics need a reality check and can't handle the truth. WTF?

    But I go to daily mass and love the Church and pray many Hail Marys. But it seems Catholics are in extreme denial of the history of the Church. The Catholic Church has supported many Fascist Dictatorships.

    In fact, the Pope is actually technically a Dictator. He isn't killing people, but the definition of a Dictator has nothing to do with killing people. Vatican government if you study it says that the Pope is not just a Bishop. He is also "A King".

    Well, this Bishop and Absolute Monarch has his own personal jail, his own license plates, his own police, his own government where he can override any decision every person in the government makes, and he has absolute power to take away anyone's faculties who resist him, excommunicate them, or take away their citizenship at the Vatican, or put them into solitary confinement.

    He also has the authority to write Dogmas that over a billion Catholics are bound to believe to be infallible and under the inspiration of God (without error).

    That is technically and 100% a Dictator, if you study the definition of what a Dictator is.

    So, it shouldn't surprise us that it was a Fascist Dictator who created Independent Vatican City State as it's own country (as we currently know it).

    Well, as nicely as I possibly could say it, I shared that info. The banhammer struck me shortly after.

    Somebody can't' handle the truth I see!

    Don't know where I'd go online were it not for TF.

    Love your work of late dude.

    Stick to your guns.
    Think many Catholics are still in denial about how corrupt and hypocritical their Church is.
    The Current Pope is an all right and righteous dude though, I gotta admit (a lot better than Pope Bentdick lol)


      Originally posted by Zoolander View Post
      Love your work of late dude.

      Stick to your guns.
      Thank you.
      That means a lot coming from you!

      I might register at a different Catholic forum and see if there is one out there that can handle the truth.



        Everyone just wants peace, Matt. If Mussolini wanted peace, why did he have an army? You said it yourself: he was one of those "street toughs." He was a violent guy.

        But there's peace, and then there's slumber. There actually are people so insane, that they actually don't want us to think for ourselves.

        They want us to follow a protocol.

        It seems weird to me that you seem to believe in Jesus Christ, but you don't worship him. You worship Mussolini. I mean, the way you revere him is the definition of worship.

        I'm not about about to start writing Him with a capital h.

        Italy had people worse off than either of us, Matt. Don't be naive.