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  • Bernie Sanders

    Should be President...and is the president, as far as I'm concerned.

    Left and Right wing would have voted for the guy, and he got screwed

    He's an Independent, the true third party, because he puts cooperation over class. And though he may live relatively modestly (nothing wrong with a little flair,) he's one of the classiest guys there is.

    I also trust Pope Francis. He seems genuine.

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    Yeah if only we had a Bernie presidency


    Who can forget the time he cucked his podium to ghetto trash BLM protestors?


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      You seem overly busy or concerned with cucking behaviour or defining certain behavior as such. Joseph, Bernie, getting with your ex.. It really seems something that's on your mind.


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        Yeah, it would suck if the pres weren't a total alpha who knew that every little show of power is a challenge to his ego.

        Imagine a president who gave filthy citizens the opportunity to have their say...

        Disgusting! The whole structure of testosteroid alpha society would collapse.

        Others stealing your show -- that ain't confidence!

        A real prez has gangsters to whack the grandchildren of people who try that shit.

        Best wishes.