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GOP the party of Marx

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    GOP the party of Marx

    There's a wonderful little historical tidbit in here:

    There's some parties on here who shall remain nameless who decry Marxism in the Democratic Party. I did a little web search to verify the information in this video to make sure that he isn't talking out of his ass. I generally like to get 3 sources so here's 3 articles on the subject:

    Here's a reprint of the letter:

    An article from the Washington Post:

    and a review of an udergraduate level book on the subject:

    Those who decry the pearl clutching take over of America by "Social Marxists" while spewing shit about communism and the fall of the west your failure to understand history and this one little fact shows how hypocritical your thinking is.

    Pretty much you are scared. You don't want a change in the status quo because for you the status quo works.

    The riots happening right now are essentially a peasant uprising. The fact is that you stand against it is because you don't realize that you are peasants.

    Rev J
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