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Put Harriet Tubman on the $200 dollar bill

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  • Put Harriet Tubman on the $200 dollar bill

    Here’s my reasoning

    There is a movement to put Tubman on the $20 and replace the great Andrew Jackson. But I say it’s time to create a new denomination of $200 and put Tubman on that one.

    Right now there is a war on cash in this country. Corporations like Apple have teamed up with politicians to phase out cash and replace it with a digital credit system, where every transaction we make has a paper trail. Monetary transactions will no longer be private in a cashless society; it makes the citizenry easier to trace and monitor our spending habits. It makes a Chinese inspired social credit score system easier to manage when every transaction is traceable. There is already evidence of this war on cash. Some fast food restaurants, convince stores, and gas stations are already not accepting $100 dollar bills. Their excuse is that they don’t trust employees to tell the difference between a real $100 and a counterfeit, but it’s very easy to tell if you hold it up to the light, and run a magic marker across it to see if the ink dissolves. Many of these places also request to pay in exact change, because there is a man made shortage of new coins. The fed doesn’t mint as many coins anymore because they want to create a shortage of coins, so spending cash becomes less convenient. It’s part of the plan.

    Abolishing cash will also remove many of the nation’s founders and heroes from the public eye. The reason we keep these people on bank notes is to keep and maintain our country’s national identity, historic legacy, remember America’s achievements and innovators who shaped our history. The establishment wants to rewrite our history by removing these people’s faces from currency. Hell, it’s the reason the woke left has spend all this year tearing down statues, and made it their mission to deface Mount Rushmore.

    But we can counter all of this by making compromises where needed. Harriet Tubman is a good heroine, and she would be ok to put on our currency. If the woke left wants her, they can have her. By making a new $200 with her face on it, this will energize the public to spend more cash by wanting to spend with the awesome new $200 dollar bill. Places that don’t accept $100 will be pressured to accept the new Tubman $200 because the woke cancel culture mob would deem them racist and sexist for not accepting a bill with an abolitionist woman of color Also, when someone spends a Tubman $200 on a small purchase, they’ll get several Andrew Jackson $20s back ?.

    With inflation rising every year, a $200 bill sounds more and more practical with time.

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    I've followed this issue a little. There have been suggestions.

    This one is realistic, but hardly tells a story.

    But this one really spells it out:


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      Andrew Jackson was a complete asshole...he should be replaced. Also, as for the $50 bill, Grant wasn't a very good president. Maybe put Thomas Paine in his place. To my knowledge Paine has never been commemorated in any way...probably because of his religious views.


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        Or they could at least put Kate or Michael Jackson on it instead of Andrew.
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            Endearing how considerate 6 is to the woke left cancel culture :-D


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              I wanna be a tubman but am more of a shower guy