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    they just have to do it the proper way:

    glove slap


      I boycott amazon and soy products.

      Soy which is promoted as a healthy, environmentally friendly product and saves animals is a lie. Great for vegetarians and vegans... it is a lie, yet 16% of milk sales now go to soy milk. What stupid people who fall for this shit?

      facts about soy

      growing so much soy these days, that parts of the Amazon are being destroyed to plant it. Plus, in the U.S., the vast majority of soybeans are grown in monocropped systems, and while they MIGHT NOT require as much nitrogen fertilizer, they do use phosphorus fertilizers, which are also connected to runoff that creates dead zones. Because you know.... dead zones are good for the environment.

      Soy and other fake milks have been genetically engineered to withstand heavy doses of the herbicide glyphosate, which pollutes ecosystems and also causes cancer to farmers. Ya, I wanna drink that!?


        I'm about to start boycotting the internet in like 10 seconds because it has fake news and hurtful opinions and scat porn and


        • Din Djarin
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          Not sure about your surfing behavior but I always have to make an effort to be confronted with scatporn