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I never hear the left condemn Communism. Right and left condemns Fascism!?

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    I never hear the left condemn Communism. Right and left condemns Fascism!?

    Now, I'm aware there are some leftists at this forum who I admire very much, but with all due respect, the largest reason why "Antifa" can promote something as thoroughly disgusting as Communism, and get away with something historically far far less harmful like Fascism, is both the right and the left hate Nazism (falsely believing Nazism to be Fascism), where only really the right will ever mention Communism, when a word to describe evil regimes comes up.

    Yes, I don't recall a known leftist in real life describing an evil person with an isult like "So and so is a Communist"! It's always "Fascist, Nazi," or whatever.

    In order for the hate to be fairly distributed to both Communism and Fascism, both the right and the left has to stand in strong disgust for them both, where Communism where I live is actually not even offensive to the average person, as I've seen people in public wear communist T-shirts.

    Also, Germans tried to uproot every trace of Nazism and pay reparations following the loss of the war, exposing all the horrors of what they did. Communist countries haven't done that, which is why their crimes don't get as much coverage.

    Mao Zedong was far worse than Hitler and is on all Chinese currency to this day.

    Also, the media sources that tend to be most influential have a leftist leaning.

    Also, Fascism has become a word that isn't used correctly, like I've even read people that claim to be historians call the regime in control of China "Fascist". First off, China is a very far-left nation, where Fascist Italy, Spain, Chile, and any country that qualifies as having been "Fascist" were right-wing, so to call China Fascist is asinine.

    Also, the Chinese government persecutes Churches that aren't controlled by the state (and used to be like North Korea, where you could be imprisoned or executed for simply having a Bible. Fascism actually did the opposite and gave Churches more liberty, money, and even land and independance).

    Also, there is the mistaken notion that Fascism is intrinsically racist. The most racist country in the world right now that I know of is China, where black people are not even served at many of their resturants and hotels. This is not in spite of the government, but because of the government.

    The problem is, History is likely going to repeat itself and an innacurate picture is being painted like Fascism is a major threat and Communism isn't. It's actually the opposite that is true. Fascist groups don't have much power, where Communism robs over a billion people of basic rights, and actually do control much of the world, without getting a slap on the wrist.

    Even genuine Fascists can't identify as Fascist unless they are crazy and don't care (like myself). I had a business man who said he would hire me if I took down pics of Mussolini. He said many places would never hire a Fascist. I told him "Fuck You!"

    You can promote Communism in America , which is rapidly becoming more and more similar to a Communist nation than a Fascist nation. Far left groups came much closer to dominating the world than right wing groups (to the point that it was really the United States of America that arguably may have been the single reason the whole world didn't fall like Dominoes to red revolutions or Communist military conquests).

    Also, there are people who identify as Fascist who believe you should (if you can) grow in virtues like "Love your enemy" and "turn the other cheek" when hit , "Forgive those who trespass against you" etc. Good luck finding that mentality among Communists.

    Do most leftists think Communism is okay? No, not at all. That's not what I'm saying. However, groups like Antifa should actually be going after regimes that are a threat and actually are oppressing hundreds of millions of people, (which never made reparations), never even got much of a slap on the wrist, and not permit the waving of Communist banners at their gatherings.

    The left does need to condemn Communism with at least as equal the fervor as they condemn Fascism.

    Okay. Maybe I shouldn't care.

    It is what it is.



      Antifa tried to burn down ICE facilities in Portland last night with federal officials in it. No news coverage


        Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
        Do most leftists think Communism is okay? No, not at all.
        Many of them do, actually.


          If you have not seen any left leaning people condemn communism your tunnel vision is quite impressive.