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We all have a reptilian brain. Why dinosaurs will rule the world again.

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    We all have a reptilian brain. Why dinosaurs will rule the world again.

    The oldest Prehistoric dominant land animals and countless prehistoric gods and goddesses I know of were reptiles.

    God favors reptiles because for countless ages, dinosaurs, reptiles, and huge prehistoric monsters ruled the earth and were his delight and entertainment.

    Since we evolved from reptiles, it isn't far off to refer to people who only use the reptilian part of their brain as "Reptilian".

    The reason more than 12 million Americans believe the European Union and Global banking cartels , congress, Senate, and Supreme Court is run by Lizard people, reptilian, Aliens, and dinosaurs, is because the bodies of our politicians and celebrities are often Satanic temples where dwelleth serpents and monsters.

    It's contagious. Legions of malevolent monsters or demons from the Preternatural realm can possess and kill and cause disease. To call them " Reptilians" , cold blooded beings with no conscience, (who rule the earth in man ways) has some evidence of truth to it.

    Also, the evil in our hearts can create monsters, Tulpa
    ​​​​​sentient wicked entities that are hard to get rid of.

    This is a photo of Lee Rosenberg. Does that look like a human being to you.

    People pick up on the presence of evil cold-blooded monsters and that is why artwork involving lizard humanoids goes back to prehistoric times.

    But cameras see some weird shit sometimes that's unexplainable like the shroud of Turin or what about these monsters shape shifting and Biden even forgets the name of Obama while his eyeball fills with blood like the flashing face of Pazuzu in the exorcism.


    When you think of famous celebrities, politicians, and leaders of the world it’s hard to believe that they are normal human beings like us; they just seem to be bigger and better than the average person.

    But what if they weren’t humans at all? What if they were actually fifteen-feet tall reptilian-like shape shifters from outer space who came to Earth and took slowly took over our governments and entertainment industry for the sole purpose of enslaving the human race?

    I don't believe that, but people and God are perfectly capable of creating Aliens. Also, A Kami or malevolent ghost could shape shift into a spirit animal that is a reptilian humanoid. The initial wicked Kami and enemy of humankind was a talking, cunning, deceptive reptile in the garden of Eden.

    These reptiles control us by creating wars and mindless entertainment to keep us distracted. Famous reptiles include Queen Elizabeth II ​ , the Bush Family, CEOs, global banking leaders, and even celebrities like Justin Bieber Click image for larger version  Name:	justin-bieber-photo-u1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	9.3 KB ID:	55978 and Katy Perry. These reptiles also are believed to make up the Illuminati and can take on human forms by creating vibrations from their father the Devil, the ancient serpent, who gives us the illusion that they are human.

    the oldest parts of our brain which control the most primal functions and instincts is called the “reptilian brain” because it is made of of the structures that the reptilian brain consists of which are the brainstem and cerebellum.

    We originally evolved from reptiles as they were the first animals that existed on earth so naturally we would have parts of our body that are similar to theirs

    It has often been thought that the Jewish ability to influence earth more than all other nations and religions and ethnicities combined, despite making up a tiny percentage of the population, was based on them being a reptilian Alien humanoid race.

    There is evidence that Moses was an Alien reptilian who could turn a staff into a serpent, heal with a brazen serpent, make frogs materialize, part the red sea, and Jacob whom every Jew descends from contained so much Divine strength that he wrestled with Yahweh all night and won, earning him the name Israel, which means contender with God.

    Another piece of evidence for this theory comes from the fact that many religions in ancient civilizations depict some sort of reptilian god or goddess which supports David Icke’s theory that these reptilian beings once ruled in the open and created impossible structures such as the Pyramids of Egypt.

    Click image for larger version

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