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    Two and a Half Men star Conchata Ferrell is fighting for her life on a respirator after suffering a heart attack.

    Ferrell, 77, played the housekeeper Berta on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men from 2003 to 2015.

    Her husband Arnie Anderson told TMZ she was recently moved to a long-term facility after spending four weeks in intensive care.


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    Awe, how sad! She was awesome in that show! And, I think, in Mystic Pizza (? The Julia Roberts movie.) And other stuff, but I can only remember those 2 right now. Hope she pulls through!


    • Undies
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      i assume this isn't what the movie's about, but mystic pizza would be a great name for a pizza with hallucinogenic mushrooms on it.

    • Jessica
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      Yes I would like a mystic pizza please

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    I'm praying for her.


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      She was a very active character actor and did a lot of television and movies. She was in Frankenweenie and did other voice work in animated works. In some TV series she was different characters in different episodes. Take real talent (and good makeup) to pull that off. And FFS, she was in Edward Scissorhands!

      The 70s and 80s were a weird golden age for television. Variety became king and MTV played music videos 24/7 simulcast on FM in stereo. It was amazing. And the Comedy channel, was funny!


      • Fun
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        She was in Edward Scizzorhands?! Why can't I place her, that's one of my fave movies!! Oh, she's a neighbor, right?? With curlers in her hair? Lol

      • WritersPanic
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        That's just it, she was in all kinds of stuff over the years. A real worker bee actor. She didn't make the tabloids (often).