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The Nevada Democratic Party

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    The Nevada Democratic Party

    I wonder if this is what's in store for the Democrat party nationwide. The Nevada Democratic Party leadership positions were taken over by a slate of candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America, prompting a slew of resignations. So the Republicans are morphing into something I find undefinable, "populist" doesn't quite cover it, and the Democrats are finally embracing the label "socialist", in Nevada at least.

    So America, far right or far left. These are the choices you will soon have. If you find yourself in the "far middle", you're screwed. You will still pay all the bills, though.

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — The state Democratic Party in Nevada has for years been among the strongest in country, buttressed by the state's powerful former senator, Harry Reid, and credited with helping...

    This is what I have been worrying about since Obama. The divide has become great... so many on the left have gone to an extreme and are into censoring, changing definitions of words, the right to carry a gun is something we lost in Canada long ago. I am centre... The reasons for guns is to protect the people against a corrupt government. A government that decides who is a bad machine and who is a good machine. The truth ministry... if you don’t agree with what we say you must be racist. Shaming people into silence. How can you not have compassion for others as you are greedy. You must not think about yourself, your family, those you love,think about those you don’t love. Marxist, communists is what the left has become in my opinion, they have become far left for the supposed greater good. . I hope you are not taxed to death like us and then you are told that they are for the greater good and you are selfish to want better for you and your family as you slave. There is a reason people have been buying guns like crazy there. Bullets are hard to get as well there these days. Manufacturers can’t keep up. The middle income people who are trying to get a leg up, the largest group that collectively make the most and give the most in taxes will suffer the most.

    I wish you guys the best.
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      And, to be honest with yourself, so many on the right are racist, homophobes, and marginalizing transgender people. We can tell lies if you want to, though.


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        The right is not made up of just white people and racist people. Not everyone is straight either. I agree racism exists..I am sure there are racist people, but the entire BLM movement, like the NAACP , SOuthern poverty, the media are all about money and causing a divide in order to virtue signal and call the entire pool who are right of them racist, when in fact they are vilifying and calling half the country racist. BLM is about division and civil war, I believe so, yes. Is the right? Nope. Some sure but they are rolling Marx communist manifesto and moved into stage 2 and three last year. They, the leaders stated it. I say this because of statements that the group has said during their “peaceful protests” As well... the brain washing and shaming people to join or you are out of the group. Weak minds following to be included. Using people, white people as human shields. “Your ancestors were racists, get to the front and take a bullet for black people, if you don’t you are racist. They state it. Your ancestors were milked from the breast of black slaves... etc... The extortion tactics they have pushed on people’s businesses because they moved into what was once a black community and people moving elsewhere by choice. Black people called whitesupremacists because they are not on board with what the left has become. Walking away from the cult they were once a part of. Abandoning the chip on their shoulder that kept them believing that they were hated by people based on skin colour.

        How many white supremacists are in America, truly? How many follow the dictate of racist blm?

        They are now turning on their own who are not far enough left and are militant.