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Trump Signs Executive Orders On Drug Prices

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    Trump Signs Executive Orders On Drug Prices

    Not sure if you are anti or pro Trump. That's not the point of this thread.

    For those of you who are on meds, he is trying to lower prices on meds. Not sure if it will help me much; my meds have to be compounded and I pay exorbitant prices for them out of pocket (prescription insurance won't pay for compounded drugs).

    I always wondered why people go to Mexico and Canada and pay pennies on the dollar but we have to pay inflated prices for the same drugs here in the United States.

    Rant over.

    The president says the actions will lower drug prices, but policy experts say they will likely offer patients only minimal relief and may take months to implement, if they're implemented at all.

    i'm generally anti, but i know that nobody's all bad, and if he's legitimately trying to fix the current medicine situation that was clearly set up by people infinitely more evil than him, then i'm all for that.

    i did not read the article, so this is just a terribly uneducated opinion at this point.


      Yeah, I wanted this to be about the executive orders on medications rather than about Trump. It's just that the MSM aren't covering any good he is doing. So I get the word out in other ways.


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        It is being covered - I even heard it on Democracy Now!, which is most definitely left leaning.

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