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NYC Shrink Fantasizes About Shooting Whites.

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    NYC Shrink Fantasizes About Shooting Whites.

    This poor excuse for a psychiatrist told a Yale audience that she fantasizes about shooting white people in the head. Dr. Aruna Khilanani spewed these race-hating remarks. She appears to be of Asian descent so perhaps she should also discuss the Indian caste system in her next rant.

    Naturally this snippet of news failed to make prime time news on CNN ... Is anyone surprised? I think not.

    Had this hate filled rant been made by a white person it would have been the main story on every TV news in the USA.
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    "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.

    Yeah she sounds like a nut.

    But I think you underestimate how much happens in the world that doesn't make the news, at all. I searched her name and for plenty of news stories covering it.

    Pretty sure there are plenty of hate-filled rants by white people that don't make prime time news, as well. This would have been a much bigger deal if Yale had allowed public viewing.

    But yes, the woman is clearly racist, and it's as ugly as any other racism.



      Which religion promotes killing the infidels?