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How long before the Hartlepool monkey ends up in the river?

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    How long before the Hartlepool monkey ends up in the river?

    An explanatory sign in Hartlepool England has been added to a monkey statue in order to thwart potential accusations of racism. After a frenchship was destroyed towns people thought the monkey was a French spy and hung the monkey. The monkey was the only surviving member on board and had swam to shore.

    The authority initially said the statue will be amended, but leader Shane Moore later denies this.
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    the story actually says that NO sign has, or will, be added.

    But interesting story about the monkey. I hadn't heard about it.


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      Yes a very interesting story regarding the French spy hung that was actually a monkey. Twitter is going crazy saying that they mistook the monkey for a black man and hung him. That the monkey should go. Which is racist to assume this imo.

    it's nuts. i agree. people just like to get intense about pointless things these days. makes them feel they are doing something useful because the REAL problems we have are too big for them to cope with, or really do anything about.