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The new first responders in Baltimore is Woke Librarians.

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    The new first responders in Baltimore is Woke Librarians.

    Looks like in addition to schools they are extending the indoctrination to libraries and librarians. Blame whiteness for the trauma and crime even when they don’t commit that crime. Keep your kids out of the brainwashing library!
    After a devastating shooting in a public space, officials embarked on a plan to train city employees — and residents — in alleviating grief and trauma. The work starts this summer, at the library.

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      yeah, the article was a little racist. but the policy itself seems like a great idea. librarians and grief/trauma training really seems like kind of the perfect fit.


        I feel like I'm in a good place politically, because I always side with the underdog. I keep getting torn back and forth between who I should befriend, and who I should villainize. Liberals...conservatives...liberals...conservative s...and on and on. You're tearing me apart!!


          Undies Yep, politics and politicians suck for the most part. When you get a professor who teaches critical race theory and about racism being the cause, whiteness is to blame, this doesn’t empower people, this weakens them.

          Lawrence T. Brown is the founder and director of the Black Butterfly Academy, a virtual racial equity education and consulting firm. From 2013-2019, he served as an assistant and associate professor at Morgan State University in the School of Community Health and Policy, where he launched the #BmoreLEADfree initiative.

          In June 2018, he was honored by OSI Baltimore with the Bold Thinker award for sparking critical discourse regarding Baltimore’s racial segregation. In September 2018, he was named in The Root 100—an annual list of the most influential African Americans ages 25 to 45.

          In 2020, he directed the US COVID-19 Atlas work and response for the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps program in partnership with the University of Chicago Center for Spatial Data Science. His first book The Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in January 2021.
          Faculty/consultant, Baltimore Corps, Baltimore, MD—developed and facilitated a
          Race & Equity Series for Baltimore Corps fellows; facilitated staff development

          Consultant/speaker, Lawrence Brown & Associates, develop and deliver racial equity trainings, workshops, and data analysis

          In other words CRT bs. He is a policy maker.