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Biden stockpiled weapons, ammo, equipment for Taliban just before pull-out

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  • Biden stockpiled weapons, ammo, equipment for Taliban just before pull-out

    Don’t blame the USA, blame the UN who are the dictators here and control and tell the biden admin what to do. Makes me think of hunter and his work in the Ukraine and China with his business dealing. Wonder how that probe is going into hunters taxes and his chinese business dealings is going.
    According to published reports, it appears as though the Biden regime has done the unthinkable: supplied weapons to the new Taliban government in Afghanistan by default, if not on purpose outright. Reuters reported last week that even though President Biden announced in April that the U.S. would
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    For Taliban, or for the Afghan army that so horribly disappointed and threw in the towel? So they supplied the afghan army on purpose, in an an attemt to prepare them better for the Taliban... how nasty and unthinkable!

    It's stupid, if they were aware how badly motivated (abig part of) the afghan national army was, and how corrupt the afghan gubberment, but its not really like they deliberately armed the Taliban as your source claims. The only thing that is aking to treason is the US dropping their responsibility after 20 years of interference, like, damn, this really is the next vietnam for us, we better just get outta here now!


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      Seems they were aware of how unprepared they were to fight and knew this would happen.

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    Americans are terrorists


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      Europes other retard cousin :P