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Canada declares war on truckers!

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    Canada declares war on truckers!

    I didn't watch the video. I'm assuming it has something to do with the covid vaccine.

    I actually got two of the covid vaccines. I don't know about you guys, but I take my covid vaccine in the ass! :hurray :

    Seriously though, every medication I'm prescribed, there's always a bunch of clinical trials before they give the medication to the people.

    There's so much we don't actually know about this vaccine.

    But the worst part about it, I've known so many testimonies of people who took the vaccine, and got the virus, and got very sick from it.

    I'm not here to argue that the vaccine is not helpful. I'm not here to say that the vaccine isn't going to decrease the likelihood of you transferring the virus to somebody else.

    The vaccine itself does not strike me as being that bad. I question how helpful it is. You will hear the opposite story, depending on where you're getting the information from.

    But the way it's being pushed is where I'm having an issue. I was at a drug rehab, where they put you in solitary confinement as soon as you have a temperature problem, or show covid symptoms.

    If you get the vaccine, they don't put you in solitary confinement for having covid symptoms.

    They use that to threaten people , so that people will go get the vaccine.

    Then they reward you with gift cards for getting the vaccine.

    I've known barbers that won't cut your hair unless you have the card that says you got your vaccine.

    It just seems like people are going a bit far. With all of the evils in our world, it's not that bad!

    But it still is ridiculous!

    Beach Ball Bitch is from Canada where all of this madness and war is going on. I would kind of like to know if she has an opinion.

    A part of me is proud of the truckers though! Rock on!


    Of course I have an opinion on this. As a matter of fact I started a thread regarding this in current events. You might enjoy seeing it, reading it and checking out the coverage... and participating in it too. It is right below your thread here.

    I am not vaccinated and been locked down for two years


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      Lol, I’ve always wanted Ill Duce to participate in more threads and this was the funniest nudge I’ve seen yet.

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      Why thank you for the support!