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What are other instances where a comedian was assaulted?

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    What are other instances where a comedian was assaulted?

    I'm sure this isn't the first time someone rushed or marched onto stage and assaulted a comedian.

    Personally, I think Chris Rock was out of line and should have known better, but I respect that he did not retaliate, he attempted to go with it and find humor into it, and he even tried to keep people laughing with his words following it, but when will Smith continued shouting at him with profanity, he simply could no longer continue with his role as a comedian, and he had to get serious.

    But I do admire that he was willing to continue trying to be amusing, even after he was physically assaulted, and by the time will Smith continued shouting and swearing at him, it sounds like he just endured a comedian's worst nightmare!

    If he wanted to press charges, it was physical aggression on stage, in front of (God only knows how many hundreds of millions of witnesses by now).

    This has brought great shame to Chris, and if he wanted a lawsuit, sue Will Smith for quite a few million, I'd bet he would win the case.

    But in Will Smith's defense, I don't condone what he did, but someone was using his wife's name in front of him, and making a joke of her medical condition.

    My understanding is that he did not know she had a medical condition though, and GI Jane 2 could have potentially been a flattering comment, depending on the context he was speaking in.

    So, I understand Will Smith's reaction, I just don't condone it, and you should never march on stage at an Oscar, unless you are designated to do so, or are supposed to give a speech or receive an award.

    Certainly to be a celebrity who is there as a winner recipient of an award, someone with many fans that people look up to, rushing a comedian during a ceremony of that magnitude, and physically assaulting them, is not noble, mature, or admirable!

    We don't even technically know that Chris was intentionally meaning any disrespect by the comment.

    I have had people at one time call me Darth Vader, because some thought I looked like Darth Vader looked, back when I was in my early twenties, and it isn't necessarily an insult!

    So, if Chris Rock didn't know about a medical condition, and if he didn't mean disrespect, then Smith really didn't have justified rage, especially not to the extent of walking on stage when it isn't his chance to be there, and strike the comedian.

    But I thought his apology and tears were genuine, sincere, edifying, and good choice of words.

    Tell me though, what are some other times where a comedian got hit, and do you have the video?

    I bet this isn't the last time that happens, but probably will be the most notorious.

    Actually the most famous assault on a comedian is in Ukraine? Leader of Ukraine Zelensky was a comedian.


      I’m sure there’ve been plenty of triggered idiots rush the stage at comedy events before.


        Here’s one such incident that comes to mind

        Rams QB Jim Everett is called Chris Everett (a female tennis star’s name) 1994



          Originally posted by 6-eyed View Post
          Here’s one such incident that comes to mind

          Rams QB Jim Everett is called Chris Everett (a female tennis star’s name) 1994
          That is friggin nuts!


            Not exactly an assault but Richard Pryor set himself on fire while free-basing cocaine.

            During his drug-induced psychosis he poured rum all over his body and set himself on fire.

            Apparently, he looked like a roman candle running down the street.


              Maynard from Tool did some comedy at one point, although he is a bit more proactive when it comes to people coming up on stage.

              Tool- Pushit /The Fan Incident