I talked to this man a few times. He was room mates to my friend in Minneapolis who has been getting treatment for addiction. They were both in the project program together and room mates.

No one really knew his name. It was about the guy who killed himself, whose nam3 was on everyone’s lips. yet cops were accused of murdering him. Remember the second stream of riots that started in Minneapolis regarding the man shooting himself in the head, and it was blamed on cops? People said cops killed him when it was a suicide? They were trying to arrest him for murder? Well Eddy Gordon was the one who Eddy Sole murdered.

Eddy Gordon had gone through treatment, graduated and was getting his life back on track. He had his own apArtment and had just bought a new truck. He was killed by Eddy Sole.

Eddy Gordon had spent time in prison but was getting things together, at 61 years of age. Anyways. He was my friends room mate when they were both in a treatment outpatient program . Kind of shocked to know I had spoken to him not that long ago.

this incident. I knew the guy he killed, spoken to him Several times. Maybe he relapsed as well. That happens.


Eddy Gordon.