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    Current. Love villain

    Well blm rioters crashed a republican event and shot a “white supremacist patriot” is what they screamed. Yay!

    about 15 minutes back from the end, or an hour and 5 minutes in, approx


      And the protesters Blmers are reforming yelling Whose street our street. 1 guy in custody. Yelling,whose street our street.
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        The shot and arrest right away.


          2 in custody. Proud boy sprayed mace at 2 blmers and was shot for it. He is dead according to news source.

          yay! Good job. They got a white supremacist. - sarcasm
          Less than a month before the presidential election, left and right-wing groups on Saturday faced off during dueling rallies in downtown Denver.


            Right Wing terrorists were just discovered plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan and trying to incite civil war, so just save it.

            I'll cry for a fucking Nazi being murdered just as soon as I cry for a criminal like Breonna Taylor.

            We're not going softly into your peaceful night.


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              They weren’t right wingers neon. They were anarchists which is evident from their videos they put out. Believe in America but not in government at all. Actually anti trump

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              Yeah right. They were anarchists. That's about all I need to hear from you. Have a nice life.

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              Ok, that is what it showed in the videos they made in the planning of it... which they shared on youtube. Not too bright but they were caught and justice will be served. No American flags flying, anarchist symbol flag on the wall. Definitely anti government and trump


            But hey, blm peaceful protesters killings proud boy in cold blood is ok? Proud boys had had zero conflicts and were leaving.

            i don’t believe in vigilante justice. Not crying for Breonna Taylor. When you are living the life she was leading, you know the risk.

            peacefully protesting doesn’t mean shot in the head for an opposing view.
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              Beach Ball Bitch they're a far right militia group. I know that's hard to believe in the current political climate of right wing bootlickers, but the right has a long history of being opposed to any sort of government control. They're not anarchists. Their goal was to overthrow the current state government in Michigan and take it over with their own ideal of small, limited government based on the Bill of Rights. They're just a bunch of loonies yearning for how it was in America in 1801


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                Not true. They are completely anti government. Don’t think of them as being on any side. Just simply anarchists. Their videos they made of their planning stated it. This is how they were caught. Were anti trump as well.

                But there is a thread below about this... feel free to jump in to that.

                This is about the proud boy shot. See the video above. Any thoughts or pretend it isn’t significant?
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              Patriot uses bear spray vs blm gun man. Who is causing the problem?

              villain, the first video I shared actually took the 14 year old to the hospital in the Seattle chaz killing. Blmers wouldn’t help him. He did. Love villain! Yet blm/antifa call him a white supremacist.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	ECE8EDA4-3659-45A4-8B52-A02906134772.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	768.1 KB ID:	38744
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                Interesting photo caught


                  More updates.

                  the news crew from Denver had hired blm/antifa as their security.
                  Yet antifa, the left claims is not organized. Lol. Was the news company in Denver involved in this?

                  they certainly support these terrorists what with hiring them. There is footage of the crew approaching prior with their hired assassin heading over to the area with intent. I guess they got their story. The photographer was right there to get her photos of Lee as he lay there dead.

                  the man murder was named Lee. He was a father of two, husband, and not a white supremacist. See photos below of him with friends and his baby,

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	02046095-AB79-45FE-BAD4-1A2E1748F8E6.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	534.2 KB ID:	38876

                  the tattoo on the wrist, space invaders is an antifa tattoo.
                  They invade space with the blm rioters. You do not own property or private space!
                  They are a Marxist/communist organization

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	86CAA562-EEF1-465B-B1A2-5A7D63C38B15.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	171.0 KB ID:	38874

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	E3BE77D3-CF99-4E2B-9068-03EC68C0512F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	159.0 KB ID:	38875

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                    Matthew Dolloff Was the shooter. Hired by news9 in Denver. He was not licensed as a security guard either. In Denver this is required apparently. There is footage of him reaching towards Lees gun as the group he was with were trying to leave and Lee pushed him away with a slap it seems. Not a punch as some are reporting, at which point Matthew drew his gun, Lee grabbed his bear spray and was shot.

                    1st degree murder charges. And Lee’s wife, I hope sues news9 in civil court. Takes everything they have from them, as they have done to her life. Lee was also a military vet.

                    news9 also said that he was hired through pinkerton security. A reputable company. Pinkerton security has stated that this man was not one of their employees. OMG they lied and are trying to cover their own ass.
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                      I mean yeah, if you either deny that right wing terrorists are right wing, or lionize them for shooting people at riots, than it seems like all the violence is on the left.

                      Not very healthy though. I myself think anyone who's willing to shoot someone over some shit they saw on TV is fucking cuckoo.


                        lode who have republicans shot and killed at these riots? The answer is none, but if you can show me evidence to this I will stand corrected... if the information is true.

                        there is strong evidence that this was an antifa member and was hired by the producer who was there with him. Also active on antifa forums and websites. Who believe it is their job to police ones beliefs.

                        I think antifa is a terrorist group. Do you? I don’t question that the kkk is a terrorist group and equally want nothing to do with them. I dont pretend racism doesn’t exist. I also reject hatred. Also reject violence. Also reject anyone who believes there is one true religion or faith. Science has become a religion for some. Fine. People look for meaning to their existence, which is fine as well. I Just don’t reject others for their beliefs. But if I am mocked or belittle for mine I will also consider that one, or group equal to the one true belief allowed mentality, Will close my brain to them as well. Same with when someone else is mocked for their belief.


                          So Matthew Dolloff owns a fair sized farm outside of Denver called Lavender Moon farm. He has turkeys goats, sheep and Bee keeping, sells honey. He also has crops. And an antifa member, Where ever did he find the time to be a security guard? Oh wait, he is not a security guard.