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Secret documents: Trudeau government approved the PLA in Beijing training in Canada

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    Secret documents: Trudeau government approved the PLA in Beijing training in Canada

    WTF? And have been concerned about offending China?
    Government documents show that officials at the highest levels of Global Affairs were alarmed that General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, had cancelled winter military exercises with the PLA in 2019
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    Trudeau is a nationalist, but not a Canadian one. He too is anti western world. He is UNCanadian!


      No one is trusting the crime minister trudeau. An early election will most likely be called. Soooo trudeau is trying to get a bill passed for mail in ballots during a pandemic. Yep, hold off on those vaccines Justin. You have an election to rig.
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        My question is how is Canada benefiting from this? My guess is Trudeau is offering free services to the Chinese. Because that’s what Canuck Cucks do.


        • SpaceMan
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          benefit to canada?...trudeau?

          his family is like the bidens...backroom deals a plenty

        • Beach Ball Bitch
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          We aren’t. Blm and antifa will be his army and the United Nations.
          police will be. The military he has working with the PLA. And lib supporters will say this is ok and good,
          because you know... they have a fucking moral compass.

          Beware if Biden Harris take the position. You Americans will take it up the ass. These leftist will celebrate it.

          Isn’t Canada a country to admire and strive to be like? They are putting Increasing taxes on food. Rations anyone? Ah utopia where we get together slaves and starve in it.
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        Oh and there is more. Unbelievable!

        The Parliamentary Press Gallery yesterday detailed a draft ethics code to counter misconduct that “could erode the professional relationship” in the “halls of power.” The Gallery has been named in Federal Court affidavits for blacklisting the Rebel News Network while granting membership to the Chinese Communist Party-funded Xinhua News Agency: ‘Members can directly question individuals who drive and shape public policy and public opinions”

        isn’t Canada great, everyone wants to be us until they learn the truth, the hard way!