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Multiple victims in mass shooting at Allina clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota

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    Multiple victims in mass shooting at Allina clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota

    3 bombs reported too.


    not a hint of it in any news ive seen today....the world and the fake media are too busy today with this ridiculous fake impeachment "trial"


      I live in the Twin Cities (which includes Minneapolis that is so close to Buffalo that minneapolis police are the ones who dealt with the situation) and even I didn't know of this news.


      • Beach Ball Bitch
        Beach Ball Bitch commented
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        Yep it is 8n Hennipen sp* county. Not far at all from you.

      MAGA claims responsibility.


      • neonspectraltoast
        neonspectraltoast commented
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        Of course not really. Geez.

      • Amerijuanican
        Amerijuanican commented
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        That saying "I see dead people"..
        On that day, they voted.

      • Din Djarin
        Din Djarin commented
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        I have to lol at you people declaring the dead voters fraud as fact and the decisive aspect that decided the outcome :-D

        I mean acknowledging the possibility is one thing.

      other news outlets are finally making mention of it

      no instant riots so i guess it was only white people who got shot

      A 67-year-old man who was “very familiar” to authorities wounded five people in a shooting Tuesday at the Allina Health Care Clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, officials said.


        LOL, the only time people care about tragedy is when the media drums up the outrage. It’d be funny if it weren’t the sick sad truth about our society.