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Mexico border state Tamaulipas have arrested a dozen state police..

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    Mexico border state Tamaulipas have arrested a dozen state police..

    But wait there's more. I wonder who invited these people to make the journey...
    A dozen state police officers have been arrested for allegedly killing 19 people, including Guatemalan migrants

    gotta be trumps fault


      There is a black news channel? I have to consider that this might be biased and give misleading information in blaming cops. Could be but the article assumes it, it seems. I don’t even know if this is true.

      I long for the days when I could watch a show with all black characters or a mix that were simply families and life, comedy without labels and attention being drawn to differences rather than the fact that we are all just experiencing the sam3 shit without The division. Without the SJW stuff crammed down my throat at every turn.

      in reading this article I thought to myself.... Coyotes did this and that the borders need protection to stop human trafficking and the criminal element involved in this, which might have some crooked cop involvement. Ppl who commit such crimes pick up shell casings. Fairly well known. I know it and I don’t have a gun.

      but yeah, let’s blame trump. I concur, spaceman.
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        I picked that link because CNBC didnt have a preview.


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          It doesn’t really matter, just this division even in news. Just something I noticed. The world has gone crazy in my opinion. There’s must be black only news papers, ... Toronto, Canada for that matter got its
          first and only black school. And our taxes pay for it. It is in the public school board. Only public to certain people, not all people. Since when did dividing people based on skin colour become ok and even encouraged? Hiring ppl based on this become ok?

          But it is interesting. MSNBC will pick up this article in no time, I am sure.
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