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Bidens “different norm” genocide camps in China

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  • Bidens “different norm” genocide camps in China

    So the UN, The leftists around the world are up the ass of China’s dictatorship. China’s communist party! And biden is also supportive of them. Brushing them off as if there is no problem, just a different norm No worries, it is just a “different norm.” Watch him adopt the same different norm! Watch for chinese communist party military training in the USA, for winter warefare. Which is happening in Canada and Australia under these extremist leftists. They will be prepared right in your own backyard to take over.

    as biden says China’s genocide camps are not a problem. No worries and if you say something in the USA now ... get arrested and these leftists are sending people to sensitivity training camps. Reprogramming camps. Think like them or else!

    President Biden is dismissing the genocide against the Uighur population in China, despite the State Department this month responding to "atrocities" in the camps.

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    And we have trudeau mirroring this in his own special way and never answering the question. UN is up the ass of China! Don’t say anything bad about China because they can cut off their supplies that ppl have become dependant on.

    trudeau in the past has said that he admires chinas dictatorship.


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      Disney also filmed the remake of Mulan at one of those “re-education” camps.


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        China has placed large numbers of the mainly Muslim ethnic group into internment camps for political indoctrination


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          I don't think those camps belong to biden.
          I think those camps are run by the chinese government.


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            No but he will do business with them... ignore their actions and their slave labour... because it serves him and the new world order.

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              Quite disturbing