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What was your last nightmare?

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    What was your last nightmare?

    My last nightmare was President Joe Biden dismantled Democracy and announced he was a Dictator and put me to work in a camp where people (especially Jews) hop up and down for over 100 hours a week and many were dropping dead of exhaustion.

    Only thing is, I had to work at the camp and knew that if Biden loses the war with Donald Trump I'll be tried as a war criminal and get hung or tortured to death by Dictator Donald's far right regime, so I was looking for ways to help people escape and couldn't find any so figured I'd kill myself like grab onto an electric fence or something.

    Then my alarm went off before I could grab the fence. All I had was a tazer for self-defense.

    I can't really talk about what else was in the dream because people have rebuked me here for talking about stuff like that, but yeah, it was actually kinda disturbing and the thing is, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that we could have camps like that in America some day or a civil war or something.

    I live in the Twin Cities where it was total anarchy in some places before the national guard showed up and the white house did get overrun for a time. It could get worse so this dream could be prophetic. Who knows.

    But one thing the dream taught me is that some of these people who get hung as war criminals were drafted and brainwashed into doing it at an age where they are young and stupid. It isn't entirely their fault.

    Mussolini was in the dream too, only he was hanging upside down in front of the white house.

    Anyhow, what was your last nightmare?

    My last one I don’t remember the vivid detail of it. I found a guy hiding in the bushes of my yard late at night. Ran inside and got my gun, went back and yelled at him to get the hell out of my lawn. And then 5 more of them came out from the other bushes. They opened fire. I took cover. Then I woke up.


      I dreamed I was outside, and my sister had a box cutter, and she cut my hands, and was coming after me. And my mom was inside, so I went in to her, saying, "Mama, mama..." And then I was angry, and my anger made things fly all over the place. And suddenly my sister's insides ruptured, and my mom was pointing to the phone outlet.

      This was a few days before I found out about my sister's pancreas, so kind of weird.


        I dreamt I was a gay man. My partner and I were sat on a park bench. I suddenly realised the whole of his bottom jaw was missing. The flesh, the bone, everything. What was left of his face was a black putrid mess. I knew I could heal him. I drew closer to him and began to kiss him passionately. As I did so, my own jaw made a copy, and turned. As I kissed him I was pushing hard so my copied jaw fixed to him and he was suddenly normal. The nightmare part was the taste and stink of blood, rotten flesh and bone, and the pressure I had to use. It was like it was disgusting and our faces melded and distorted, but I knew I had to do it. Once it was done I instantly woke up.