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When was Kuljeet Randhawa born?

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  • When was Kuljeet Randhawa born?

    This source says she was born Jan 29

    This source says she was born Jan 1 and other sources say the same thing:

    I kid you jaw just dropped in awe. I started the title and first few sentence of this thread, then read some of the article and it said she hung herself February 8. I didn't know that when I started this thread. It is currently 11:33 pm, February 8, less than a half hour till February 9. 18575886_117476649494.jpg

    That's crazy because I started a thread earlier mentioning Joseph of Egypt, Saint Joseph of Nazareth, the year of Saint Joseph being 2021, another coincidence involving Joseph, and Nafisa Joseph hanging herself the birthday of Benito Mussolini and being a close relative of Tagore, Mussolini's favorite writer who visited Fascist Italy and "Sang the praises of Mussolini".

    Well, Nafisa Joseph was one of India's Charlie's Angels (there were three of them) who committed suicide via hanging herself. Nafisa-Joseph (1).jpg They starred in the show CATS and I just babysat my neighbor's cat while he was in the hospital and she was acting like she was possessed by the Devil and making weird noises that I haven't heard her make before (Deep disturbing groans).

    Well, interesting fact is Jan 29 is a day I call "The feast day of Doctor Healy", a girl I called my Spirit-psychiatrist because of the word "Heal" in her name, so I called her "Healy the healer" in jail. After getting out of jail (on Jan 29) I looked up her name and discovered she was a Psychology major.

    The girl I jumped off a building over was a Psychology major who I spoke about last AA meeting about "Making amends". Well, Kuljeet Randhawa, despite being an actress and suicide was a "Psychology major and graduate".

    Both her and Nafisa Joseph were Wealthy, succesful, famous actresses who played females with strong roles (in the same show even) and both hung themselves.

    So, Jan 29 is a spiritually significant day to me , but so is Jan 1, as it is the feast of the Mother of God, my favorite Holy day of obligation, and also the birthday of Denise Marie Naslund, a girl abducted from Lake Sammamish with another girl and violently murdered after watching the other die.

    Both Denise and the girl she died with bear the names of pagan gods.

    Denise is female for the God Dionysus, and her middle name for the Mother of God, so she has been both to myself. She is the one who got me practicing Shintoism, making shrines in the woods and at home, honoring the war dead, surrendering to Hirohito and Japanese war dead, before I even knew what Shintoism was or anything about the existence of Yasukuni shrine where all Japanese War dead since 1869 when the Shrine was constructed are enshrined on the walls or their names, birthdates, places of death, and sometimes ashes and relics.

    So, Jan 1 became my most sacred solemnity and Holy feast day, best and most important day of the year (and the most commonly celebrated holiday in the world).

    Another bizzare fact is that when you study different articles about Denise, some will say she born 01/01....others will say she was born 10/10. Both are binary codes and she was studying to be a computer programmer and hacker where she would have been versed in binary codes.

    But it's weird that it isn't clear from Internet sources when either of these girls were born.
    Most sources seem to agree Jan 1, but where the hell are they getting the false info from?
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    Anyway, the 8th of the month is now gonna be Kuljeet Randhawah's time of the month (each girl that dies tragically who I enshrine, gets a day of the month I assign as their feast day where on that day I am devoted that I refer to semi jokingly as their "time of the month". They get my sense of humor , but I pray for these "Capitol Hill Queens" at Capitol hill every day and offer them the treasures of Holy Eucharist at daily mass + offer them my suffering, so I'm not disrespectful of them.)

    The girls I enshrine have to have something more than good looks or die via suicide or violent murder that cause me to enshrine them. There has to be some evidence that they are trying to get my attention through some sort of bizzare occurrence ( that convinces me is more than something like a broken clock being right twice a day.)

    Like my feeling Kuljeet Randhawa on my heart, the disturbing noises the cat was making, starting a thread about Her deathmate from CATS, discovering the significance of (both of) her birthday (s), then after starting the thread near midnight on February 8, I realize "Holy Shit, it's February 8", is enough to get her name on my litany of "Capitol Hill Queens".

    The original Capitol Hill Queens were 10 victims of rape, torture, and murder who I believed visited me in jail (after I tried to murder a dude with a butcher knife) and told me to fight for the outlawing of pornography. This was before I knew there was a place called "Capitol Hill" other than Washington DC.

    I was calling those girls Capitol Hill Queens (because it seemed they introduced themselves as such and nicknamed me "Ted Bunny" because my first name means the same thing Ted means, and my Chinese Zodiac is the Fire Bunny) years before knowing there was a Capitol Hill in the state of Minnesota , and that I would be moved right next to it where over 1100 dead people, (violently murdered as well) names are carved into stone with the words "Remember us" which I accidently discovered on "Memorial day".

    It was also years before knowing that I lived in the city of Ted Bundy's first victim, Elizabeth Perry, who was from a neighborhood called "Excelsior" which is the Catch Phrase of the inventor of Spiderman, and people call me Spiderman.

    The beginning of that memorial weekend I found a military Jacket near a trash can dated 1969, the year Elizabeth Perry was murdered May 30th, memorial weekend.

    So , I visit Capitol Hill after receiving Holy Communion and chant the names of "the Capitol Hill Queens" that they would reach essentially goddess status, the first degree of beauty , power, glory , perfection, euphoria, and overpower God with their Beauty, wisdom, powers of intercession and manipulation, and get God to obey their every desire kind of like Joseph got Pharoah to obey his every command and give control of his household, kingdom, and possessions to Joseph ( despite Pharoah representing God and having a higher rank than the "Hebrew slave and convict").

    Well, currently there are over 40 Capitol Hill Queens, whose names I chant daily at Capitol Hill before the memorials to the dead (whose names I have also chanted).

    Another interesting fact about Kuljeet is she played a cop more than any Indian female in the history of that country. At every Shinto Shrine, you enter the shrine through a gate called a Torri. There is a gate going into Capitol Hill in honor of cops, followed by a memorial to dead police, that I always make a point of entering through, and the stone shrine for the dead police is also a fountain and pool, and in Shinto it is tradition to enter through the Torri and wash hands before prayer.

    So, I am always in the habit of entering through the Tori, and washing my hands in the fountain and praying to dead police. One of the days I chose not to enter via that way, the Saint Paul police pulled me over and said I matched the description of someone who was contemplating suicide on a bridge over the Mississippi river. Definately was NOT me!

    That is just kinda a weird coincidence being that I survived suicide jumping off a building and when I told the story, ( someone responded "You jumped off a bridge") and Kuljeet was a suicide, so a few dots to connect.

    Well, I went home from those officers pulling me over and noticed a restaurant right across the street from my apartment and Coopers in West Saint Paul. The name of the restaurant was "Torri" (name I called the gate in honor of deceased police officers. It's also a symbol in Shintoism of entering the realm of the Kami (Spirits). Kuljeet as I mentioned played a cop better than any female in the history of India as I mentioned.

    I wouldn't BS you , as I know that lying will bear no fruit whatsoever. I write some of this mainly as a journal that I can return to and reflect on in times of doubt to remind myself that forces are at work that are more than chance.

    But I'm skeptic. It could be a sentient being other than the being I think it is (who is tricking me). Either way, I think it is my destiny one way or the other to be influenced by this being whether it is good or bad.

    Anyway, dream catcher, I'm not sure if you are feeling your mojo today, but I could maybe use your help here if something speaks to you or you wish to do another zoom reading. Or I can fuck off too!


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      Duce could you possibly give me a tl;dr of this?


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        Originally posted by dream catcher
        Duce could you possibly give me a tl;dr of this?
        So, I started this thread February 8, asking about someone who hung herself february 8, and after a few sentences into the thread on February 8 (almost midnight Feb 9) I realize "Holy Shit, it's the anniversary of her death ( which I never studied that to know it was the anniversary of her death) and earlier that day I started a thread about a girl who starred in the same show (CATS) she did as one of India's Charlie's angels, who hung herself (they both hung themselves) one of them on Mussolini's birthday, the other February 8, and the one who hung herself on Mussolini's birthday was close relative of Tagore who was Mussolini's favorite author who "sang the praises of Mussolini".

        The day prior I identified one as being the equivalent of the Hindu Goddess Kali, with a similar spirit, vocation, office, and anointing as Kali, the goddess of war, destruction, death, cemeteries, and wild sexuality, but also tender mother goddess and enemy of evil (though she appears evil and scary to many.)

        One of them bears the last name Joseph, and recently I was given a book about Pharoah's and Mummies. Joseph became Prince of Egypt and Pharoah who was believed to be God Incarnate, and intermediary between gods and humanity, placed Joseph the slave in charge of all his household and possessions because he could interpret Pharoah's dreams.

        When anyone went to Pharoah for advice, Pharoah's reply was "go to Joseph". Last time I went to the Cathedral someone was in my usual spot , so I moved to the next open spot which was in front of a shrine to Saint Joseph who was placed in charge of Christ (also thought to be God incarnate).

        The following day (day I started this thread) someone was in my usual spot at mass at another Church, causing me to move to the next available seat because so many pews are closed due to covid and social distancing. I looked up, and sure enough, I was in front of another statue of Saint Joseph and there was a card there saying "2021 is the year of Saint Joseph".

        Many other coincidences also are linked to these ones. I was wondering if you have any suspicions or interpretations as to what they mean. If that isn't your forte or area of expertise, that's fine. Just thought I'd ask. I know something supernatural or Preternatural is going on.


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          Unfortunately Duce, that's not how my readings work. I'm more than happy to give you one though : )