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Is The Far Left Destroying The Democratic Party?

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    Is The Far Left Destroying The Democratic Party?

    Interesting article in Newsweek analyzing the middle-class' view of progressivism and how it will hurt any chance of the Democrats ever making serious gains in government. And I agree.

    Originally posted by Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow In Urban Futures at Chapman University
    This new middle-class rebellion [against the excesses of the Left] isn't rejecting everything that progressives stand for; the Left's critique of neo-liberal excess is resonating, as is the need for improved access to health care. But the current focus on "systemic racism," coupled with a newfound and heavily enforced cultural conformism and the obsessive focus on a never-ending litany of impending "climate emergences" are less likely to pass muster with most of the middle class, no matter how popular they are with the media, academics, and others in the progressive corner.

    Party line journalists may see President Biden as the new champion of the middle class, but every time he adopts central tenets of the new Left, he undermines his pitch. And this happens not infrequently: The Biden Administration has adopted elements of the "anti-racist" agenda, for example, by explicitly favoring Black farmers for subsidies, rather than focusing on all farmers in need. Race issues may be popular on college campuses and in the human relations departments of giant corporations like Lockheed and Amazon, but a recent Yale study found that language based on inclusivity around class was far more popular than one focused largely on race, even with progressive voters.

    Biden is similarly losing the middle class on immigration. Already many Latinos, particularly in Texas and Arizona, fear the loss of border control that accompanied the shift from Trump to Biden administrations. The crisis at the border has the potential to overwhelm the economies, health and welfare systems in heavily Hispanic border communities, which is sparking alarm among border state Democrats.

    Major pushback on how the progressive Left sees American history is also brewing. Americans by and large remain patriotic, including the poor and working class. This patriotism stands in stark contrast to the prevailing view among progressives, which casts America as the intrinsically and irredeemably evil spawn of slaveholders and racists. This simply does not constitute a popular program to the middle and lower classes, a gap that could become more and more meaningful—especially as the message of the Left spreads.

    Take, for example, Hollywood, which used to promote the virtues of the Republic and the heroic struggles of diverse Americans. Now, dominated by people scared to contravene woke progressives, the big media companies have been pushing far Left plotlines and characters—and they have lost markets as a result. The devolution of the once glamorous Academy Awards into a minor, sparsely watched proto-spectacle reflects how much Hollywood's hold is fading.
    He goes on to such topics as CRT, urban problems and climate policy. A good read if you have the time.
    Without a Trump to unite them, the Democrats, led by a radical fringe unrepresentative of even their own party, is finding themselves increasingly isolated.

    Making serious gains in government? They currently hold the presidency, house and senate.

    Nominally, I don't think the democratic party is in trouble. The liberalism ship might have already sailed, I think the authoritarian left is quite effective with misdirection and doublespeak.

    I just started following politics during Covid tho, so what do I know?


      A blowback against left wing extremism is inevitable.

      Democrats can stall it as long as they continue to control pop culture and rig elections.