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They Aren't Going to Teach Critical Race Theory In Grade Schools

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  • They Aren't Going to Teach Critical Race Theory In Grade Schools

    I haven't been on in a minute because there is only so much toxic stupidity I can handle. Plus I can probably predict the stupid bullshit that has gone on in my absence.

    Now being completely serious. The topic of the title.

    Here's why they aren't going to be teaching CRT to grade school kids. The short version is that it is too complex for grade school kids to understand.

    I actually did the research into what Critical Race Theory is and in a nutshell it's applying Critical Theory to Race Relations. So I'm going to have to break my argument down step by step as I'm starting to see educate about the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory and it starts with Marx.

    The first step in understanding the Frankfurt School goes back to the Communist Manifesto. Since certain people on here throw around the term Marxism in their discussions and don't know what it means they should probably read it so they can have an informed opinion. It's about 124 pages and written at about an 8th grade reading level since given the educational level of the working class at the time that was their reading level. But in essence it is a treatise on the rights of the working class.

    At the end of the Communist Manifesto it predicted a Communist Revolution in Germany that didn't happen. So in 1929 the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research was founded using a multi disciplinary approach (economics, psychology, sociology, political science, history, philosophy, law etc) to figure out why it didn't happen. In essence to distill what pure Marxism is as opposed to Stalinism after the Russian Revolution. Since this was an academic situation not only do you have to understand the Communist Manifesto but also Capital which is 3 volumes the first of which is about 984 pages without the appendices (which I'm about to start reading). This further outlines History, Economics, Labor Relations etc from a class standpoint.

    From there you get into Dialectics of Enlightenment which critiques US Culture from the perspective of Jewish, Marxist Immigrants fleeing Nazi Germany into the US which under Capitalism uses similar tactics to get the individual to surrender his individuality to an ultimately destructive system. Add to that The Authoritarian Personality which sought to figure out what is it about the populace that allows authoritarians to come into power in the first place.

    That's all dealing with classism. After that you have to figure out where classism intersects with racism.

    Now try explaining that to a grade schooler. You can't do it. When it is taught academically it is only taught at the post graduate level. Even the brief synopsis I've given is nowhere near as complex as it actually is.

    The Right has handed you a boogeyman and you are too lazy to figure out that it doesn't exist.

    I've decided that since there are still bookstores I can easily find the literature and see what it says for myself rather than taking other peoples word for it. So far I've read The Communist Manifesto and am getting ready to read Capital Vol 1.

    Rev J

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    Good seeing you, Jesus And yeah, we can hardly blame you for only dropping in sporadically. Glad you did anyway

    It is very tiring and annoying to always get affirmed some people can only argue in hyperbole or charged sentiments, and blame everything just rigidly on the other side, even as a joke. But hey, they do not really admit its a joke so...
    No serious convo on politics or most topical issues is possible on here, in that way its the same as HF. It either becomes a shit fight or a circle jerk


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      After a media overdose on Jan 6 I cut my online time drastically. I didn't really like what it was doing to me. In the downtime I've been reading more. My mood seems to be.doing much better.

      Rev J


      • Din Djarin
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        Well, keep dropping in every now and then. If anything just to say hi in the stoner lounge or something!

        Always fun to take notice of a fellow ex-HFer with which I used to exchange thoughts with on there for years

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        Ahh, Jan 6th, good times

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      This is how the left runs their psyops, by claiming these agendas of theirs don't exist, while they continue to operate in the shadows. Move the spotlight away, so they can get away with murder.

      For example: "Antifa doesn't exist, it is only an idea"

      Deny all you want, but critical race theory is being taught to our kids behind our backs.


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        What's so complicated about it. Any child can learn "white people bad, everyone else good". It's so simple.


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            Fox News isn't valid research either.

            I decided to dig in and find out what it really is. The only time actual Critical Race Theory is taught is at the post graduate level because there's so many elements to it.

            Let me ask you a couple of questions.

            What do you think Critical Race Theory is?

            How do you define Critical Race Theory?

            Now can you answer without a meme?

            Rev J


            • Din Djarin
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              You already know they go with the Fox news version
              I applaud your efforts but really, it's a waste of time (esp if you lose your temper, which they actually love. It's basically why they reply as they do)

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            Funny that they are doing what you say they are not doing.. clown world and the clowns believe all they are told. Up is down and down is up... that is the left.... lost in the mindless fantasy land. They are teaching crt in kindergarten even.