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The positive things about Biden thread

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  • The positive things about Biden thread

    post positive things balance out the other thread

    if you can't be kind, be quiet...( scoot on over to the other Biden thread for negative posts/comments please )

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    He still has pretty good hair for his age.


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      He gives the internet lots of memeworthy material


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        He is affectionate, and tries to help people get along. And yet, cunning. And Mighty.


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          Dude ain't taking no malarkey, I'll give him that. I know this to be true because I saw it painted on his bus once


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            I mean, c'mon man.

            I want a t-shirt with Bidens face on it that says that. Right wing nuts'd probably murder me.


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              he rehabilitated that bad dude corn pop

              with only his words ...didnt have to use the chain but was prepared to die for the cause


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                I Try To Keep A Safe Distance

                From American Politics.........

                But He Seems Like The Best

                Man Available For The Job

                At That Point In Time.

                Most Certainly Ten Thousand

                Times Better Than That Lying,

                Thieving Ginger Headed Buffoon.

                How A Country Like America Could

                Elect An Idiot Like Him

                Still Has The Rest Of The World

                Shaking Our Collective Heads In Disbelief......

                Cheers Glen.


                • Mustard Tiger
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                  yeah cos America is thriving now?

                  another no brainer

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                Silly rabbit, the American people do not choose who represents us. We just see a guy on TV every day till he becomes President.

                Sure, we carry our banners, wave our flags, but that is because we are free to do so. It's okay with everybody if people support the man on television.


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                  And look out, obviously, even in the remote corners of the world if you dare speak the truth.

                  Are "they" lurking in the shadows? Will you "die" for your country?

                  Or is it all just the Wizard of Oz. I say we find out.


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                    Joe seems very loving and PDA towards Jill as he is with all younger ladies


                    • Meliai
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                    he's a good dad who supports his drug addled con man son no matter how deep the shit he gets in


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                      He calls out lying dog faced pony soldiers when he sees one


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                        oh my favorite thing about him is he looks like the older men you shake hands with in the procession line when you attend the funeral of a very old person. You know the type, a bit waxy and like they've already been embalmed to prepare for their own death

                        I find this familiar and comforting


                        • Meliai
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                          sorry that was mean towards old people

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                        He's less destructive for the american citizens as well as the global situation than the former president

                        Plus: For an interim kind of president he's making quite a bit of progressive decisions


                        • Meliai
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                          Yes the infrastructure bill awaiting house approval now includes universal pre-k and 2 years universal community college which is huge
                          I guess that's more on Congress than Biden but he's certainly not going to veto the bill