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Jesus would vote for Donald Trump

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    Jesus would vote for Donald Trump

    Trump is an asshole, but if I'm a Shepherd putting a sheep-dog in charge of my flock, it's better that the dog be an overly suspicious asshole towards anything that could be a threat to the flock than a nice dog.

    Trump has the necessary survival instincts that Biden doesn't offer society. Take the amount of Americans killed by Carona and multiply that by about fifty and it doesn't equal the disaster that leftist policies have done which have slain millions of our citizens who could have been helping hands and contributions.

    That doesn't count the amount of lives harmed by secularism and immorality and hedonism promoted in the media.

    Biden thinks it's healthy for society to kill 25% of their children. Trump wants to protect the unborn.

    Biden is indifferent to having pornography and immorality promotion readily accessible to prepubescent children with developing minds that will be robbed of innocence, corrupted, brainwashed, and perverted..
    ​Trump wants to outlaw pornography.

    Biden is lukewarm in all his ways and acts. Trump, despite some of the ridiculous things he says is passionate, fervent, and charismatic.
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    The citizens of America who hate America and want Americans to despise their past and be ashamed, and not look at the good things America has done, those people vote for Biden.

    Biden says the stupidest things.

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    Is this what we have become? Really?

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    Trump is a nationalist who stirs up patriotism, pride, and speaks highly of America's heroes and American contributions to our world.

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    The stupidity of Donald Trump is disappointing at most. The stupidity of Biden is unbelievable. He even told people not to vote for him. I'm losing sleep over this election because Biden is worse than Hilary Shitlon! Yet I'll be surprised if Trump wins.

    I didn't think he would win in 2016. We have a responsibility to vote for Trump or we shall be destroyed as leftists destroyed Europe and leftists have a far FAR higher kill count than the right! Leftist policies and political correctness destroy civilizations.

    The leftist liberals kill more black people than Nazis, KKK, skinheads, and all hate groups combined, then pretend "black lives matter".

    If you vote for Biden, you don't think black lives matter:
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    just to let you know, there is a meme thread, Maybe you would like to add some of these political memes in here:

    Orison’s old thread from Hip that was unfairly KO’ed, lives on at Tree Fort Whether you like or hate the guy, post the best Trump memes you’ve got The rules remain the same: Memes only! No text or verbal debate. Just memes. Lets get started 17EEB9C6-7C22-4C28-99CC-78C5F5761B17.jpeg


      I don't think Jesus would vote for Trump at all. From what I've heard foreigners and dead people vote exclusively Democrat.


        Donald Trump wouldn't vote for Jesus.


          Would he be allowed to vote by mail?


            No he wouldn't Jesus was a socialist.

            If he was a capitalist he wouldn't have thrown the money changers out of the temple. He would've opened his own money changing table with a competitive rate and celebrity endorsements.

            If he was a capitalist he would've only made enough loaves and fishes to feed part of the crowd and keep the prices up.

            If he was a capitalist he would've taken that water into wine thing and opened a bar.

            If he was a capitalist he wouldn't have done healings for free. He would've built a megachurch, put on fancy robes and gotten a bad hairpiece to fleece his followers.

            Rev J