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Fascist Bible, Fascist Catechism, Fascist Mysticism, Fascist Spirituality

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    Fascist Bible, Fascist Catechism, Fascist Mysticism, Fascist Spirituality

    I request the MOD Duce delete my other Fascist thread if that is what is necessary for this one to exist.

    I started this thread not to stink up the forum but to try to make the forum not smell like the heavenly fragrance of Fascism. I can't confine all my thoughts to that other thread because it had a title that had nothing to do with many of the topics.

    If MODs would like to delete the other thread and let me replace it with a fresh start, that's cool I don't like the title of the other thread and prefer to simply start writing a book. A Collection of Fascist Scriptures and Catechism lessons.

    I shall carry my cross, and with misery and frustration try to confine all threads about Fascism to this thread, because if it is to be a book, Fascist Scriptures according to Matthew Mussolini, Shinto Jesus of American State Shinto, it can be a hundred page thread I suppose.

    I'm trying really hard people to keep Fascism here, but it's in the Republican party, it's necessary for survival in this coming election and urgent!

    Vatican state was founded by a fascist Regime, Fascism is in countless philosophies and disciplines. At least, the virtues that Fascism defends and cherishes, so does well over half the world. Fascism is e everywhere......

    This is the definition of Fascism: What fault do you find with it?

    The only way to have a Theocracy, where the leader is anointed almost like a Messiah, inspired by Kami, Spirits, supernatural entities, God, Angels), everyone is enlightened, euphoric, knows what is best for civilization, and everyone is united in mind heart and will, and everyone is chronically happy, laughing, in love with their leader, the media supports the regime, cool propaganda is all over the place, everyone knows the meaning of life because the leader is inspired by higher powers, so there is single party state, no division, and media supporting the regime, well, that can only be achieved through Fascsism.

    The soul of Mussolini keeps telling me he hung upside down like a caterpiller hangs upside down and dies. Click image for larger version  Name:	caterpillarJ.jpg Views:	0 Size:	6.2 KB ID:	25576 All is over for the caterpiller when it hangs upside down. While upside down it transforms into a butterfly, a new creation. Does it resemble it's former self? Click image for larger version  Name:	depositphotos_11194930-Concept---butterfly-with--Italian-flag-flying-near-the-ball-lik.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.5 KB ID:	25578 I know Benito the Butterfly, not the Benito the caterpillar who he was on earth. He soars to new heights of excelence as Sawdust Caesar: Click image for larger version  Name:	51sx8+M15IL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.7 KB ID:	25579 Mussolini keeps telling me he will return, reborn, perfected. But Even as a caterpiller, the little bastard marched on the Capitol of a first world Democracy and the Prime minister declared a state of siege. No one voted for Mussolini and he killed no one. Suddenly Democracy was his and the Prime minister stepped down. Mussolini Must have needed to pinch himself to make sure he just rose to power with no one voting for him and he didn't kill anyone.

    Mussolini decided he would be the equivalent of the President without educucation ( was kicked out of high school for fighting and stabbing people,) had a criminal record, was the youngest Prime minister in Italian History, and he had 0 qualifications.

    So, how did he become Prime minister and declare that he was Dictator of a Roman Catholic Theocracy and Empire?

    Because the fucker was gifted, had balls, made Italians proud to be Italian, created jobs, kept families together, but he had a power greater than himself using him and people could sense that. He also summoned a ghost posse that his wife said shook the funiture and inspired him to do things like pen the "Doctrine of Fascism" and do things like create the Vatican country that exists today and abolish slavery in Ethiopia like Abraham Lincoln

    Click image for larger version  Name:	398f5603ddc3ed0f89f05ef2f5566161.jpg Views:	0 Size:	73.3 KB ID:	25580

    Telling me to only create one thread about Fascism is like telling the Dallai Lama to create only one thread about Buddhism. Fascism is what I breathe, it's my life. Fascist state is an entity with a mind, heart, and will of her own. A Fascist is to love the state like Jesus Christ loved the Church. But I'm trying to confine my thoughts about her to this thread, for she is beautiful and smells like roses, while everyone despises and says she smells like shit.

    Only this Dalai lama gets posessed by Fascist Spirits (Wise eternal Kami) preaches Mussolini door to door like a Jehovah's witness or Mormon:

    I make converts to my religion like this fella:

    I practice equivalent of banzai bayonet charges, suicide missions for the soldiers of Yasukuni shrine, making a martyrdom of reputation and comfort in order to be a Shinto Samurai. I'm a work in progress. But trying to learn how to behave when disaster, violence, chaos strikes, and injury, danger, and death is near. It is only after disaster that we can be resurrected, it is only by losing that we are free to do anything.

    The Fascist is called to do everything for Kami, honor Kami, Love Kami, burn incense to Kami, enshrine them, invite them to possess you. God qualifies as Kami. Sometimes be an idiot to entertain them.

    To be continued.....
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    Shinto has no Dogmas or Scriptures to fight over and divide over. It is completely compatible with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The only Dogma is that spirits exist (Kami), the dead become Kami, and we should love and enshrine the Kami. Shintoism has more enshrined spirits entities than any other Religion.

    ​​​​Yasukuni Shrine alone has everyone enshrined who has died for Japan in the military since 1869. That shrine has over 2,466,000 Kami Enshrined on the wall or written in their "book of souls".

    ​​​​​In Shinto, Shrines are built as dwelling places for the Kami, especially the dead. They build small sprit-houses of wood and stone, as well as portable Shrines resembling the Ark of the Covenant, and Kamidanas (Divinity shelf) cupboard in the house where dwells the Kami and offerings of flowers, incense, food, or relics.

    Anyway, Shinto Theology of gods and goddesses can be ridiculous, kind of like the Bible story of Noah building a ship big enough for all those animals, or Jonah spending three days in the belly of a whale, but in Shinto you don't have to follow any ancient text, and there are none that are considered inspired or inerrant.

    I find it ridiculous how religious people kill over Dogma and Scripture interpretation and heresy. In Shinto, people kill over natural resources or territory gain or to become enshrined Kami, but they will never condemn someone for heresy, and I know Shinto can make a Christian a better Christian without conflicting with Christian faith and morals.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Peace and good will to you! Relax! Easy does it lad! :-)
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      I explain in this video why Mussolini was the most gifted politician ever and inspired by Kami (spirits).


        This is in the religious section because Mussolini is a powerful Kami (Spirit) that a lot of people venerate or worship. Just google Mussolini worshippers.


          His Doctrine of Fascism says we grow more perfect and powerful when we reach a purely spiritual state that only death can achieve.

          The Caesar's greatest moment was when his corpse hung upside down and used as target practice. That was his share in the crucifixion of Christ to be gloriously resurrected!

          The Caesar is sorry he sided with Hitler. He was trying to start an antibolshivek block and restore the Roman Empire and defend Religion against the threat of communism.


            Ugh, this dude


              Fascist Germany turned into a deformed hybrid new species of Fascism that gives Fascism a bad name. Fascist Dictatorships can suck, but they can also save lives and put more money in people's pockets and create jobs and make people patriotic and proud of their country.

              Fascism makes short works of things like the Italian mafia, division, crime, gangs, and immorality. Because Fascists ban porn and teach people to mortify their sexual appetites and control themselves, there were few pedophiles, perverts, and unwanted pregnancies, and kids were safe unattended.

              In Fascist Italy, families stayed together and women were paid by the government to have large families. There was little need for abortion in Fascist Dictatorships, because those children are helping hands and possess immortal souls. Fascism taught children to love discipline, be responsible, march, shoot guns, and fight, and they all carried guns but there were no school shootings like in America.

              A Fascist America would have a huge boost in economy, enormous drop in unemployment, an economic miracle, a people united and not making fun of their leader, patriotism, spiritual people and society absorbed in contact God and Kami (spirits) The Religion of Fascism is essentially Shintoism where it is compatible with Christianity and all Religions to unite all Religions in an alliance against secularism.

              In a Fascist America, we would honor the dead and enshrine them and make dwelling places for them and pray for them to reach the first degree of beauty, power, glory, and perfection. In Fascist America, families would adopt unwanted pregnancies left at the emergency room. There would be little need for abortion. Fascist Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan had high fertility rates. When Fascism fell, the fertility rates dropped so low in Japan that Japan will go extinct in 1,750 years at this rate.

              European fertility rates dropped so low, they need to import immigrants from countries that hate them, in order to have a population to sustain civilization. Muslims practice Fascism and ISIS was a Fascist Theocracy technically. So is Saudi Arabia and any country that has blasphemy laws, dress code, kills adulterers, persecutes infidels, is technically Fascist if it is a one party state and Theocracy.

              It's just, their form of Fascism is a species of Fascism that resembles Fascist Israel in the old testament that behaved much like ISIS.
              The form of Fascism Mussolini instituted was very healthy for civilization prior to 1939. He had Jews in the highest ranks of the Fascist party and condemned Hitler's racism.
              ​​​​ In a Fascist America we would have a leader who was like a Messiah. When he speaks, everyone cheers and tears flow. Little girls receiving communion for the first time wrote Benito Mussolini and told him they want to receive the Duce in their transubstantiated bread and wine. All the media would support the regime to create unity.

              Crucifixes would be on the walls of public schools, there would be prayer in schools, and the government with all people would reach out to the Kami, a higher society of Spirit-beings, to be influenced by Kami that control government and spirits of heroes summoned to dwell in government buildings, spirits houses, or hondens.

              In Fascist America, there would be few suicides and crime would be very low, there would be cleanliness and order in all neighborhoods. Buildings and roads in need of repair would promptly receive their needs and civilian commandos would be trained to police the rough neighborhoods, and they would invoke the Kami for protection and success. Mussolini said Fascism is a Religion! I explain more here:


                Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla View Post
                Ugh, this dude
                Have we met elsewhere?


                  Originally posted by Spiderman View Post

                  Have we met elsewhere?

                  Regretfully...... Some Of Us Have Had The Displeasure Of Meeting You In A Past Life.....

                  Cheers Glen.


                    I explain in this YouTube why the Sawdust Caesar has become my best friend and favorite Kami.

                    You can join his cult and régime. He isn't a violent or racist guy, just a total badass!

                    He will do very odd things for you if you keep his pictures on your wall. He got me my apartment and covers the rent cost.

                    he strengthens me, motivates and empowers me.

                    its really sad to me that he dreamed of restoring the Roman Empire, but instead watched his beloved country get destroyed, and he got killed in cold blood without trial, though he was innocent of war crimes.

                    It saddens me that he was hung upside down and used as target practice after being urinated on by communists who mocked him and spit on him, shouting, "you who would rebuild the Roman Empire, look at you now, hahaha!"

                    But it makes me love him more and he reassures me that his humiliation and defeat and death was a share in Christ's Calvary, crucifixion, and Resurrection.

                    I please him and Rachel when I pray for their souls, offer up suffering for them, receive Holy Communion for them and their intentions.

                    Everyone who keeps a picture of the Duce on their wall or in their car are a member of his Roman Empire. All are welcome.

                    Benito Mussolini is Caesar Kami, Emperor of the world of the dead.

                    May the Caesar and his Kami (spirits of Fascism) richly bless you, gentle reader! Click image for larger version

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                      Guest. Hey there, This isn’t really a fascist site either but they do allow for free speech, just do not threaten others. Try to ignore those that may insult you too rather than reacting in a really angry way. . Or call them something back. . Just don’t threaten people

                      plus you posted in the right area for your beliefs.


                        Matt could you link us to your spiders again .




                            To quote my good friend Lynnbrown Lord baby jeezus have mercy!


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                            Originally posted by Osquirrell View Post
                            Matt could you link us to your spiders again .
                            I'll make a YouTube of them. My last Spider, Il Duce, birdeater as big as a dinner plate had sex with someone else's spider. He jerked off, ejaculated , then , then they locked arms and legs and my friend separated them

                            He was walking funny when I got home, crawled under a cupboard in my kitchen and into a secret crack and disappeared into the wall.

                            a few days later I heard the sound of a rat moving across my floor. He was hiding in a plastic target bag on the floor and doing the death curl with his legs.
                            I put him in his cage, and next morning when I checked on him he was stiff and lifeless.

                            The person that sold him to me sold him for 50 bucks when originally they are 200, but mature males are sold cheap because females live way longer and often kill males while having sex, then eat their corpse.

                            I needed him replaced so the girl who breeds them said she has to wait till they molt and they were too young to tell their gender. She only sells males and she will have 1,000 eggs hatch and rather than feed them, she has them eat each other until there is roughly 30 left. She wouldn't let me make a YouTube because she could get in trouble for animal cruelty. She would be pissed if she knew I posted this online.

                            She gave me a giant Columbia red leg Spider. It's very young and I'm disappointed. I can't even get her to eat. I'll make a video of her though.

                            She gave me an OBT, very violent with high venom potency. That one bites and it feels like electricity shooting repeatedly from your finger tip to your shoulder.

                            ill see if I can find a cricket for her and if she is hungry, I'll film her killing and eating her victim.

                            im told that species can put you in the hospital and people who have allergic reactions to the neurotoxins will die.