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Women are sick of getting fucked in the ass!

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    Women are sick of getting fucked in the ass!

    Protestors chase this brave conservative Fascist down and defiantly she brings her weapon with her, daring people to try and take it.

    Yes, liberalism has lied to women, making them ashamed to be female and killing their own young, totally against female instincts mammals.

    The Muslim birthrate is eight times higher than European birthrate and fertility of European women too low to sustain civilization, so liberals open wide their legs to get fucked by countries that have been fucking Europeans up the wazoo since the bloody conquest of the Ottoman Empire and the North African Moore invasion of France that raped, enslaved, pillaged, and was looking unstoppable until Charles Martel lead a disciplined military of prayerful militant warriors into the battlefield to win the most miracle victory, similar to the battle of New Orleans.

    The Moors were overcome with fear and grew weak in their knees, some declaring hallucinations made the enemy military appear far larger than it was.

    12 Moors died for every Christian despite the Christians being outnumbered and the Moors being better equipped.

    The 12,000 dead Moors on that miraculous day isn't half of the casualties the Christians inflicted on the retreating military, earning Charles Martel the name hammer, for all the Muslims he chased down and bludgeoned with a big hammer.

    It was the battle that saved France and possibly western Europe. The Moors could not win any battles in France after Tours, but they nearly conquered all of Spain in a war that wasn't a hundred years of fighting, but nearly 700 years of crusaders from all over Europe, helping Spaniards hold on to a small chunk of the country that was predominantly conquered by Muslims who were verifiably into sex-slavery and rape, cutting off heads and raping little girls because that is what the prophet Muhammad did with the first Islamic Dictatorship.

    The Spanish Inquisition was so brutal largely because Spain was sick of Muslims fucking everyone up the ass, turning churches into mosques, and turning heretics and anti-catholics into enemy soldiers, so inquisitors and the Spanish Sovereigns said to everyone, "convert to our religion or get the fuck out!". ​

    It was about survival. Heresy was considered a threat to unity and patriotism. Heretics sided with Muslims.

    The brutal Inquisition was the response to uproot and destroy heresy to stop Muslims from ever doing that again. Heretics were targeted because Muslims were considered heretics and all Heretics were labeled a threat to Spain.

    That isn't okay what Spain did, but North African Moors did some brutal shit because Muhammad did brutal shit.

    Jesus wasn't a violent man and said, " love your enemies, turn the other cheek".

    The founder of Islam was a violent sociopath, bigot, and terrorist!

    There are many African countries where it is noble to mutilate your child's vagina and cut off her clitoris while she screams in agony.

    European girls are kidnapped and their clitoris removed and sometimes they are kept alive for a week to be raped, sodomized, tortured, mutilated, and left in the woods with their legs spread open and dirt and twigs shoved up their vaginas.

    The African and Arab Muslim countries believe Europeans ruined all the earth with colonizing primitives and spreading blasphemy that God became a disgusting human and died. Europe was the only force that stopped the Ottoman Empire from turning all churches into mosques and replacing the Bible with the Qur'an.

    Consequently , they hate Europeans more than anyone. They have been trying to destroy Europe for over a thousand years and almost had Italy until their whole fleet was destroyed in the miraculous battle of Lepanto and multiple victorious crusades that Europeans in all countries participated in.

    It ain't just that. Islam is violently opposed to how our women dress. Wearing a bikini in public or a miniskirt in the Muslim Holy land, Saudi-Arabia makes Muslims more enraged than seeing murder, and publicly that girl would be punished, and gang raping her till she dies of internal injury would go unpunished. " Unveiled whores are asking to get raped."

    There is more. It gets worse! Where I live, is where George floyd was murdered. Leftists are burning the city, and at the Trump rally, it was women who I noticed most. They were wearing bullet proof vests and carrying what looked like M-16's, shotguns, an AK-47, and a 7mm sniper rifle.

    The police dont do their job here, so at a Trump rally, in the city that is commiting the most liberal anarchy, Trump supporters police themselves as leftists and black lives matter come shouting antifa nonsense and screaming imbecilic falsehoods, defacing monuments to politicians who fought and labored for black equality.

    We don't want liberalism to do to America what it has done to Europe. Women are the ones who are getting fucked, and black women like Candace Owens left the Democratic party to rally behind Trump even though she thinks he's an asshole.

    Trump brought more jobs to black people and put more money in African American pockets than any person in the history of America, bringing African American unemployment to a record low that no President has ever done.

    Candace Owens, a fervent black democrat who thinks Trump is a dick knows the Democratic party has attacked what black people hold dear and is an enemy of her people and civilization.

    Siding with Trump is siding with the necessary evil, the dick who will fuck the assholes and pussies that destroyed Europe.

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    This girls arms and legs were slowly amputated as her killer got a big woody in his pants from her bloodcurdling screams.

    She, Pamela, was found dismembered and her torso all fucked up stuffed in a suit case by a Nigerian migrant: Click image for larger version  Name:	Pamela_Mastropietro.jpg Views:	0 Size:	11.5 KB ID:	27518Click image for larger version  Name:	ZGcM6Mg.jpg Views:	0 Size:	94.3 KB ID:	27519

    Fascist volunteers have resorted to policing the neighborhoods and keeping unveiled women safe and secure.

    After the sexual assaults and rapes from Muslims in Germany, German women are starting to carry pistols when they are alone and out and about.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ht_Mueller_1_kb_140206_4x3_992.jpg Views:	0 Size:	86.6 KB ID:	27520 Kayla Mueller was gang-raped and turned into a sex-slave whose life was torture, humiliation, and getting fucked raw by Arabs to keep their morale up till she died of abuse and America was blamed.

    Muslims gleefully sent pictures of the dead disfigured girl to get parents more grief-stricken and traumatized, almost unrecognizeable from all the abuse and starvation.

    The crime that warranted Kayla Mueller to be slowly tortured to death and humiliated, was she was feeding hungry Syrians and caring for the sick.
    In other words, she gave her time and sacrificed to help Muslims in Syria. She got raped by shitloads of men and forced into a marriage with some ISIS Savage.
    American women are so hated by Arabs, that they get a slow agonizing death for caring for hungry and needy Arabs.

    Kayla Mueller saw an 8 year old girl forced into sex slavery for being Christian. The Muslim men who raped her sometimes prayed for her infidel soul to convert and be saved, before and after raping her. That is an attitude you will see in countries where Islam has prevailed.

    The Qur'an says to kill Idolators wherever you see them. Muhammad decapitated hundreds of Jews personally. Even Hitler didn't personally kill Jews. Muhammad delighted in cutting off heads.

    ISIS cuts off heads because Muhammad cut off heads. Trump crushed ISIS. The media remains silent. Vote Republican!

    The Koran has psychopathic tortures that radical Muslims act out on infidels.

    Muhammad was a violent terrorist. I love him and forgive him, but his people are going to want to be rapists and murderers like their prophet.
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      In African and Asian countries it's praiseworthy and sacred to mutilate your child's vagina:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2015-07-24-1437774506-7834789-FMGPrevalence.jpg Views:	2 Size:	98.9 KB ID:	27529Click image for larger version  Name:	52cdb8876da8112512b28dc8.jpeg Views:	2 Size:	30.0 KB ID:	27530

      A woman wearing a bikini in public is a worse offense than stoning a slut to death in public, for many Muslim countries.

      It tempts men to desire the forbidden fruit, so they friggin smash a horny girl's head with a cinder block in public and that is accepted.

      But having a wet pussy and being a horny female stirs up more hatred in Islamic Theocracies than almost the worst of crimes.
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        Muslim conquest of the middle East, North Africa, and Asia was violent and brutal.

        They want Europe.

        Catholic priests, when they molest children are betraying their vows and duties.

        When Muslims rape children and kill sluts and Jews and destroy
        everything sacred to non-muslims, they are simply acting like the founder of their Religion. Click image for larger version  Name:	rotherham-muslim-rape-gangs.jpg Views:	0 Size:	87.0 KB ID:	27536Click image for larger version  Name:	muslim-gang-sign-00.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.6 KB ID:	27537Click image for larger version  Name:	RefugeesWelcome-1024x1024.png Views:	0 Size:	453.8 KB ID:	27538Click image for larger version  Name:	205bf5fd71028e32256c5cc1e597ac29.png Views:	0 Size:	453.6 KB ID:	27539
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            Our women are infidel dogs,pieces of meat to be taken as booty. Just study the Turkish sex-trade and Islamic enslavement of women and raping European children every place they conquer.

            Sweden was a lovely peaceful beautiful place that opened the doors to immigrants and rape went up 1400% making Sweden the rape-capitol where one in four swedes gets raped and girls like this one found hanging with a broken neck:
            Click image for larger version  Name:	download (1).jpeg Views:	0 Size:	11.1 KB ID:	27564

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              Please don't ever hate Muslims.
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              Muslims have given me money when I panhandle and I think Muslim girls are sweet, meek, humble, modest, and probably better wives on average, from what I see.

              I live in the Twin Cities, highest concentration of Somalian Muslims in America.

              I love my Muslim neighbor, and I ask you to love them too.

              But the problem is, Muhammad was not like Jesus or Buddha. He was an unloved orphan whose mother didn't hold him and he had no love is anyone, so he became a violent sociopath, terrorist, misogynist, polygamist, and child-rapist, as well as institution of the most bigoted policies I have ever seen enforced over countless millions.

              We must love Muslims while at the same time loving Americans and not letting in that culture or be like leftists who persecute anyone that speaks easily verifiable facts about
              and it's founding prophet.

              Muhammad was a Fascist and a founder of a Religion and absolute Theocracy. So was Mussolini a founder of Religion and Theocracy.Click image for larger version  Name:	5UTxzTT.jpg Views:	1 Size:	9.1 KB ID:	27581
              I never said Fascism is always a good thing. It can be a worst nightmare and misogynist dream come true.

              Before America civilized Afghanistan and outlawed treating women worse than pigs at a slaughter house, instituting women's rights as best as we could, here is how women had to dress: Click image for larger version  Name:	250px-Taliban_execute_Zarmeena_in_Kabul_in1999_RAWA.jpg Views:	1 Size:	14.7 KB ID:	27579Click image for larger version  Name:	time_custom-38fd38975a0d93c651afcb5256218304620c4af1-s800-c85.jpg Views:	1 Size:	216.0 KB ID:	27580
              Click image for larger version  Name:	Taliban_beating_woman_in_public_RAWA.jpg Views:	1 Size:	70.5 KB ID:	27578
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