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Euro Duce! Savior of Rome! Viktor Orban. Hungary

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  • Euro Duce! Savior of Rome! Viktor Orban. Hungary

    ​​​​​ ​​​​​

    "The new state we are building is an illiberal state, a non-liberal state." Victor Orban

    The European Union fights back!

    In July 2014, the Hungarian Prime Minister made plain the scope of his ambition.

    lepanto (1).jpg

    To consolidate his power, Orban has resorted to 1 + 1 = 2
    "Europe's borders must be protected against the invasion of migrants," Mr Orban said on the campaign trails."

    Loyal media outlets are suddenly appearing in Europe to parrot his obsession with common sense. They are called "racist".


    However, the leftist media ( which covers for regimes that killed enough people to equal World War 3 and 4 combined,) says he is dismantling Democracy!

    Critics accuse Orban of attacking Hungarian democracy

    Orban refuses globalisation to damage a nation's sovereignty and points out the fact Muslims are encouraged to rape unveiled women and have been encouraged to violently attack Europe since the founding of Islam, and many Muslim immigrants are married to girls as young as 8.

    Orban changed the constitution because Hungary doesn't want to take it in the ass like Sweden and other castrated nations that opened their legs wide to immigrants who have been trying to fuck Europe for more than 500 years.

    In the Turkish sex trade, there was discrimination. Pimps (if that is what they are) found afros and dark eyes didn't sell like blondes, red heads, and blue eyed girls and boys.

    And those wet dreams of the Ottoman Empire come true. One thing I am as a Fascist is honest, so I confess I wanna watch European women get raped by immigrants. I'm a fallen creature and watching stupid girls get fucked arouses me. It's one of the reasons liberals cover the religion, ethnicity, and citizenship of rapists in Sweden. Sweden has received the name , "rape Capitol". I want to see Africans raping Swedish girls I can't lie.

    I'm sick because my mother was a flaming liberal who put her career first and my Dad wasn't there to paddle my ass!

    My Dad kidnapped us and took us to Portugal telling us it was a summer vacation. Mom got custody but I grew up in mental institutions, group homes , and foster care.. Dad tried to save us from her leftist errors drilled into her by her parents.. Since society wasn't creating normal people, you got me, a dude who gets a boner over the rape of Europe , but warns Americans not to become casualties as well.


    Orban suppresses the constitutionional court because he is a wise Shepherd and sheep are stupid.​​​​​ image_3443.png ​​​​​​​

    ​The question for this poll is, " Victor Orban,
    ​​​​​Savior, rightful Messiah, Emperor, Caesar, Dictator, Duce of Europe?"
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    "We must break with liberal social-organisation principles," he said.

    The Central European nation has since been transformed. Critics say Hungary is now a democracy in name only.

    Now it appears Mr Orban's anti-immigration rally cry has been heard loudly in the country, with his right-wing Fidesz party gaining a seat in the European parliamentary elections, meaning it now holds 13 of Hungary's 21 seats in the EU Parliament.

    More than 400 million Europeans across 28 countries were entitled to vote in the elections — the world's second largest democratic exercise after the federal poll in India.

    Turnout had been slowly declining since 1979, but this year it increased to 51 per cent — the highest in 20 years.

    The big story in European politics has been the same story as in the United States and in the United Kingdom: voter disenfranchisement, economic dislocation and the rise of populist, anti-establishment parties and leaders.

    In Italy, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary and elsewhere on the continent, political firebrands have cast migrants as a threat due to the fact that Islam has been raping Europe quite candidly for hundreds of tears and that maybe people who adhere to a Religion founded by a child-rapist pervert more anti-semetic than Adolf Hitler, and more bigoted than the KKK, is to be feared, as well as so-called "globalists" who have been caught covering for Muslim rapists.

    Mr Orban, in particular, has capitalised on these fears that maybe the historical facts tell the truth about Islamic intent to enslave and take booty.
    ​ ​​​​​​
    Some are wondering if getting a radical islamic regime more bigoted than the KKK and Nazi Germany combined might not be good for Civilization, but they don't say anything for fear of being labeled racist.

    Islam is EXTREMELY bigoted! Have you read the Koran or Hadiths?

    Do you want a guy in his fifties coming into your neighborhood with a six year old wife, saying your daughter needs to wear a hijab so she is modest and doesn't get molested? Keep the friggin borders closed to wolves.

    Meanwhile, liberal Jews declare their faith to be more compatible with Islam than Christianity , so European Muslims and Jews as a general rule are in a voting alliance.
    ​​​​​​This is interesting because Jesus never killed a Jew, and Muhammad personally with a sword decapitated hundreds of Jews. He commands Muslims to kill Jews.

    Muslim mystics, Sufis, Mulas, and Imam's call the Jews "brothers of baboons and monkeys", yet Jews side with Muslims over Christians, (not sure why, I suppose it's because Jews hate being special and rebel against Daddy). In Christianity God is Jewish and it's better to be a Jew than not to be one, and God knocked a Jew off his horse (I live in the city named after him), and had him pen much of the text for the greatest religion on earth. Yes, that is discrimination against Jews for the purpose of making them more influential and impacting civilization more than Indian civilization quadrupled(I'm talking about India.). A tiny percent of the world made a bigger bang than all other ethnicities combined.

    Jesus chose 12 Jews as Apostles and said he came for the lost sheep of Israel , referring to the cannanite woman and her daughter as a " dog" compared to the Jews who were " children ".

    This pissed some Jews off like children rebeling against a Dad who loves them, but when up against a militantly anti-Semitic religion, Jews side with Muslims over Christians. *Scratches head trying to figure that one out why.*

    Christianity was founded by a Jew.
    ​​​​Islam wasn't. Muhammad declared war against infidel Jews for their betrayal of Allah after laying waste to everything polytheists hold as sacred , using Idolatry as an excuse to enslave his enemies. Jews that surrendered to him were decapitated. That is minor compared to the tortures and amputations in the Koran that are psychopathic and inspire groups like ISIS.

    Maybe Jews need to ask themselves, " where are the synagogues in Saudi-arabia or Pakistan? It's illegal because Muslims are bigots worse than Nazi Germany. Try and debate me on that and Ill prove it.

    ​​​​​Islam plunged earth into a wild jihad that raped boys and girls throughout North Africa, Spain, Turkey, Palestine, and what would have been all of Europe had it not been for the battle of Lepanto.

    The Ottoman Empire was enslaving everything like the Moors. Europeans proved themselves to be pussies against African, Arab, Asian, Muhammadan warriors on the battlefield that was demoralizing everyone and teaching that it is okay to have many wives and rape prepubescent kids and take slaves as booty.

    Jews on average sided with Muslims. In the Mediterranean, The Ottoman Empire suffered a change of wind causing their superior fleet to lose a battle that Muslims should have won. The turks met Don Juan of Austria in a battle that would likely turn Saint Peter's Basilica into a mosque were it not for Divine Intervention. miraculously, that sank the entire Turkish fleet and set galley slaves free.

    No one mentioned it in school. I discovered Lepanto from the diary of Mussolini and was amazed that one Naval battle killed all casualties of the American Revolution (7 years of fighting roughly) dead in a few hours, saving the west and putting a stop to ottoman aggression and crushing Turkish hopes of anything, where the Ottoman Empire repeatedly attacked and lost after Lepanto. They seemed unstoppable prior. Then at Lepanto finally Europeans could come together and crusaders felt they could stop Ottoman enslavement of the continent.

    The Turkish sex trade is still a thing. I encourage you to click the link. Nobody cares! If you do give a rip, you might be more Fascist than you want to face!

    Where did I learn about Lepanto saving the west? It was a buried treasure I stumbled across from Mussolini.

    ​​ 973a2a2ecf196c8e3cbe24604448f1c5ecfe51f88fbc563e22ee021e5d0bf72f.jpg

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        Also, on phone or tablet sometimes I can't erase images if a unwanted one shows up on accident. Can that be fixed?
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          I'm hungry for Hungarian politics!GOT4.jpgOrban-wordt-Waal-om-subsidies-veilig-te-stellen.jpg180322-Marton-On_Viktor_Orban-hero_uebgkh.jpegorban-paintings.jpgunnamed.jpg


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              87876.pngOrban (1).jpg1551874207467-Scene2_Final.jpegd378269-579809dc-a69c-419f-988a-a62982b78207.jpg560.jpg

              I know some of those pictures make him look like a wolf in sheep's clothing. But we need a trained vicious brute. We need something scary.