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Soviet influence on purging online communities

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  • Soviet influence on purging online communities

    • To quote a former moderator at hip forums:
    • "They spent some time figuring how they wanted to deal with each of us. I many cases they goaded people into arguments as a way to generate "proof" of the need to ban you completely from the site. There were no incremental sanctions, no second chances (except a few people they wanted to ban over and over, for lolz). They systematically purged all the undesirables in a manner that the remaining members wouldn't readily notice as suspicious.+ More Options

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      SpaceMan commented
      Today, 09:33 PM
      i dont know what went on after my ban but i know there was a lot of weirdness leading up to it,,when i was moderating there was complete sections i couldnt see.....and when id mention it they acted like i was of them wanted my password so they could see it even though i posted screenshots proving i wasnt lieing....i was half expecting it though ...stinkfoot gave me some insight into what to expect and he (as usual) was right...the real bullshit started after i wouldnt give away my password"....
    The current city I live in, I would not live here were it not for a communist purging where my YouTube channel was reported to the FBI under the Obama administration for this song (before Emperor Trump allows Spiderman to upload YouTubes like this

    For violating no laws , I was removed from my home, and driven by the police to a whole new city and dropped off to fend for myself, because I had been living on school grounds and they deemed I was a threat.

    It has spiritual significance though because my username was Thunder Cunt, and everyone called me TC. The city police relocated me to is filled with people wearing hats like this:
    s-l300.jpgthumb (1).jpeg6329c6e01c891c10_small.jpeg

    I'm already as a street preacher making it a Fascist power symbol totem. You still visit AF Deidre? Share with them the Thunder Cunt cap lol;
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    I know the Soviet Union disbanded, but the errors of Russia are alive and well in America, especially in a media controlled by leftists, and I hate to point out the obvious, "Jews".

    I love Jews, but they need to start being Jews and no more allying themselves with militant atheism.

    They are favored children of the King and need to stop rebelling against Dad!


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      I left my voodoo doll in the Netherlands with a friend. It came from the voodoo king of New Orleans, this was back in 1995 approx. his name was Fred Stanton or something like that. I think he was also called chicken man. He said he use to like to come to Canada to fish as well.