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The "red scare" is not irrational fear. Communism ruined the west!

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  • Matthew Mussolini

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  • The "red scare" is not irrational fear. Communism ruined the west!

    Here in America:

    Communists already robbed Americans of basic liberties and brought a rape epidemic and nothing short of genocide to some nations that you can't even talk about here in America without disciplinary actions from authority figures who dominate the media, divide the country, support regimes worse than Nazi Germany that commit genocide against birds, sparrows, white people, and butcher enough of their own population in a single generation that it is enough casualties to equal world war 3 and 4 combined.

    The communist "red scare" isn't some conspiracy theory. It already destroyed Europe so badly the whole continent might as well rest in peace.

    Communism has robbed Americans of basic liberties to speak against real racism and bigotry, but promotes those who have already burned much of my city to the ground as well as committed physical violence against me and stolen my phone on one occasion.

    Trump says a lot of stupid things, but the communists and those who hate America vote for the left and want massive immigration from people who will hate America and rape and pillage as they successfully did to Sweden, earning the country the nickname "rape capitol."

    Leftists also got caught covering for the rapists and a girl in Germany who got raped by Muslims during the Islamic sexual assaults in Cologne was declared "racist" because she said her attackers religion and ethnicity.

    Meanwhile, unveiled women get acid thrown in their faces, raped , beaten , and murdered and get their lady parts mutilated. Did you know most female genital mutilation comes from Africa and the middle east? You want that shit in America?

    In Europe they have to sanction pedophilia because immigrants are showing up married to girls 8 years old or even younger.

    But Europeans lose their jobs and get fines and death threats for speaking the truth about a terrorist and child rapist named Muhammad.

    I have done the same thing very politely stating true facts that can be verified and people in real life called it "hate speech" and people online have banned me from multiple forums as well as destroyed my last YouTube channel and taken away my uploading privileges for a week.

    The communists already have largely conquered America in more ways than one, so "the red scare" is no longer a conspiracy theory, it's factual with plenty of evidence to verify it.