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Biden's plans for genocide, torture, and pedophilia!

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  • Biden's plans for genocide, torture, and pedophilia!

    I'm just fuckin about with the title of this thread. He's probably not that bad, just has dementia and scares children.

    But seriously, are any of you who are reading this good, authentic, Biden Apologists who can tell me why in the butt fuck it's come to this?

    This is what we've become in the greatest superpower?

    Yeah, he could be our next President. I don't doubt that, all things considered.

    So, regarding Biden apologetics, what exactly does it mean that a person's skin color changes if they can't figure out whether they are for him or not?

    America has to have intelligent people out there.

    Do you think Biden is intelligent?

    If not, do you think there are intelligent Democrats out there? What are the reasons you think they nominated a senile dude whose painfully embarrassing to watch.
    I get embarrassed and I shouldn't because I'm not a Democrat, but I feel sorry for the poor guy and America .

    The smartest Democrat in America should be nominated. This is what they come up with?

    Biden says ingenious :


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    Yes if he gets elected many shall be tortured painfully just by watching and listening to him.

    Not to mention, people will get raped by the Muslims he let's into America.

    Islam was founded by a child-rapist. Muslims have been raping and pillaging non-muslim nations since Islam was founded.

    Not to mention he won't stand up to China but let them fuck us as well.

    If Biden gets elected, we're fucked!

    End of story!


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      You know a Democrat was recently caught going to meet a 14 year old to play with his balls. He was a friend or associate of bidens, the hair sniffing face stroker of children who likes kids to rub his legs.


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          ​​​​​​The Democratic party will legalize pedophilia. The party has no moral compass. That is not something too far off.

          In Europe they have to legalize men fucking eight year old girls because Muslim immigrants are invading Europe from countries where they got married to prepubescent go girls.

          Raping children was okay in the eyes of the pedophile terrorist Muhammad, so Muslims have every reason to sanction the rape of little girls.

          The left will stop at nothing to destroy western Civilization, even if it means turning us into shit hole Islamic republics and third world countries.

          If Biden gets elected, we're fucked!