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The politics of the supernatural Empire of the dead!

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    The politics of the supernatural Empire of the dead!

    I explain in the video Nafisa Joseph's connection to Mussolini as close relative of Tagore, Joseph dying Mussolini's birthday, her links to his march on Rome through her show CATS, her links to Joseph of Egypt in the Bible whom Pharaoh obeyed, despite Joseph being far lesser rank.
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    Joseph Prince of Egypt had total control of Pharaoh's house, possessions, and entire Kingdom.

    When people went to Pharaoh , he said, "Go to Joseph".

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    When I go to God or Caesar Benito, the Dictator of Heaven, they say, "Go to Joseph."

    In the New Testament, Joseph was lesser than Mary and Jesus. Yet Mary and Jesus obeyed him as superior.

    Mary and Jesus obey Nafisa Joseph.
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    As Benito Mussolini was recreated by all of Heaven to be the perfect Dictator for all seasons, Nafisa Joseph was remolded into everyone's favorite "Supermodel of Heaven".
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    I explain in the video why Nafisa is needed for strategic politics and political correctness reasons.

    A) She isn't white

    ​​​​​​B) She's part Jewish

    C) She's part Arab with a Muslim first name. This can help us use her to make peace with Muslims.

    D). She's Indian. God doesn't recognize Pakistan. It was part of India. There are more Indians than there are Chinese

    E) She was Catholic , but not pious and churchy, and fun and down to earth

    F) She was a suicide, and I jumped off a building and am suicidal with countless millions. God wants all to know that suicides don't go to hell. They go to Saint Joseph's hospital for suicides in purgatory.

    Jesus was a suicide because he said, " No one takes my life from me. I lay it down."

    In the old testament, sun represented Mussolini in Joseph's dream, so always remember brother son has a name.

    The moon represented Leah. The Fascist state is Leah, bride of Mussolini.

    Sun, moon, and stars bowed before Joseph.

    There were three CATS (Carlie's Angels) in show cats. 2 of them hung themselves while young and beautiful.

    Evil spirits attacked the show because they were intimidated by strong women with guns.

    In honor of Nafisa Joseph, every Rebecca and Israeli defense force Queen are CATS. Nafisa and Kuljeet are in charge.

    They are Benito's Angels. Benito means "Blessed".

    The show is to resurrect in Heaven, then come to earth.

    It is a show about women who are strong, dangerous, sexy warriors. Let it become a reality , in Jesus Christ name! Amen.

    Your vision of Heaven is my definition of absolute Hell.


      Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
      Your vision of Heaven is my definition of absolute Hell.
      Mussolini yesterday worked with God and creator spirits to create an island archipelago that looks like Mariana islands , because people in purgatory were complaining about how they will never be able to do a girl in the butt again.

      There is no anal sex allowed in Heaven where you have to be perfect.

      Benito is trying to be a Sawdust Caesar who turns crosses into blessed, sacred, magic sawdust. People give the Sawdust Caesar their crosses and his responsibility and vocation is to take away the cross.

      This means he must contend with God and make exceptions to every rule so that suffering can be eliminated.

      But Benito has a passion for seeing people euphoric, and during his life gave orgasms sometimes to multiple women in the same night.

      Girls wrote their virginal fantasies out and mailed them to him. One of these students said she wanted to one day die for him. She was Clara Petacci who shielded him from bullets and shouted "No".

      Benito has undergone huge purification that was required for him to be Caesar , and so he actually must behave in many ways, like the male form of the Virgin Mary, with restored Virginity. He is known as " the mighty Virgin Warrior".
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      When he became a butterfly, he was purified and given the gracesvof an Immaculate conception to ensure his chastity would be kept, because God desired a great "Virgin Dictator", " Virgin Emperor " "Virgin Caesar".

      Benito is called " Guardian of Virgins", and God delights in that because he wasn't close to a virgin in this life. He now is an example of God's statement, "I make all things new" .

      Seriously though. There was argument in Heaven, but God wanted Benito Mussolini, Marian Dictator of Heaven, to be the male equivalent of the Virgin Mary, Ark of the new covenant.

      To a large extent Heaven eventually agreed he would be filled with Marys graces, so Benito is always praying the Rosary, organizing Rosary processions, praying Marian hymns , and practicing "True Devotion To Mary" by Saint Louis De Montfort.

      He's still a street fighter, wrestler, boxer, and sword duels with God.

      During his life, people didn't want to live with gays , so Mussolini shipped gays to live on an island.

      Gay acts are not allowed in Heaven, so Mussolini , with God's graces , is offering gays a gender change, or the gift of heterosexuality.

      Those who insist on remaining gay couples must live separately from God's Kingdom and people bwho don't want to live like that in the fourth Reich (realm).

      Tell me, what do you want the Duce to do for you to eliminate suffering and give you Heaven?
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