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Why Socialism is the greatest lie, greatest affliction, biggest deception EVER!

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    Why Socialism is the greatest lie, greatest affliction, biggest deception EVER!

    Haitians fleeing Haiti were not far from Socialist Cuba. They chose to travel much further away and go through much greater hassles because even starving uneducated Haitians born and raised in an impoverished , backward, shit hole country that doesn't teach their people how to be wise, they still had enough wisdom to know something wasn't right about Socialism.

    I heard how lovely Sweden is? Why are people calling a country with the nickname "Rape Capitol of Earth" such a lovely place and using it as their example of Socialism at it's grandest.

    Socialism caused World War 2, the Spanish Civil War, and world war 3 (they didn't call the socialist land grabs World War 3 , but it had a far higher kill count and far worse suffering than world war 2.

    They called it a cold war. Mao killing 60 million people and annihilation of sparrows, Paul Pot killing half his population, the communist aggression and terror in Vietnam, Korea, countless seizures of other nations by Communists, "cold war" (My Ass). It wasn't even lukewarm.

    All those wars were part of the same conflict of Russia sending advisors, money, weapons, or troops everywhere they could think of to get another nation to be Communist , secular, unstable, or have a Civil war.

    Benito Mussolini only marched on Rome because of how unstable Socialists were making his country.

    Spain only became dominated by a Fascist Dictatorship because Socialists made Fascism a necessary remedy to a far greater evil.

    Hitler only got elected in Germany because people were so scared of the Socialist and militant secularist threats coming from Russia's Socialist errors to Germany.

    I look at Europe today and can see how Socialism has destroyed it.

    Socialism makes you lose incentive to work harder and learn more.

    I explain more here.