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Peace can only be achieved through Fascism!

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    Peace can only be achieved through Fascism!

    Fascism is not a pacifist Religion or form of government. It is however intrinsically nontoxic, and the Doctrine of Fascism even says "love your neighbor".
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    Fascism is a Religious concept that calls on Fascists to fight those who seek to efface God from the hearts of the people.

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    Fascism only became violent because of the greater evil of Communism that was threatening many nations and spreading rapidly through every European nation.

    Fascists decided it was their responsibility to form an antibolshivek block, anticommunist defense initiative, United States of Europe, Holy Roman Empire.

    Mussolini did more than anyone to try and stop Hitler's aggression. Mussolini sent tanks, artillery, and troops to the border of Austria to stall Hitler's invasion of Austria.

    Hitler responded by sending German tanks, planes, grenades, and machine guns to the Ethiopian Empire to battle the Fascist Italians who were fighting to abolish slavery , amputation of limbs and genitals , and other barbaric cruelty coming from the Ethiopian Empire.
    The Ethiopian conquest was still a success and Benito Mussolini officially became Emperor of an Italian Empire, an official Caesar of a cute Roman Empire that included Somalia and Albania.

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    With his creation of Vatican City state, he became a Champion of Roman Catholicism and an uncanonized Saint that the Pope called "the man of Providence. God has given us Mussolini".

    Vatican City state which exists today is a total Fascist, one party, one Religion, Nationalist, patriotic, absolute monarchy, absolute Theocracy, Spiritual government under a Magisterium beneath a " Holy Father", Pope, absolute Fascist Prophet who is the vicar and mouthpiece of God that settles all matters of faith and morals, writes infallible Doctrines that over a billion people are bound to accept, and everyone supports the regime.

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    If that isn't Fascist, I don't know what is.

    My dream is for all people to be euphoric in a realm that is perfect Heaven just right for them, free of suffering and eternal bliss, peace, and joy.

    This requires a type of Fascism if you have ever read the Doctrine of Fascism.

    Just the word Fascism and Fascist symbols, uniforms, and propaganda posters raises my morale, and Heaven for me is Fascist propaganda all over the place, a single party state, for a house divided cannot stand.

    This single party state is absolute monarchy under a loveable, amusing, charismatic, strong, fervent Fascist Prophet who rises peacefully and miraculously like Benito Mussolini.

    It was a miracle because Il Duce got the Prime minister of the cradle of Democracy to step down and be replaced by an unqualified youngest Prime minister in Italian History. He had no high school diploma or government experience.

    It was a true miracle earth has never seen prior and hasn't seen since.

    Surviving getting shot in the face and five assassination attempts, Mussolini proceeded to dismantle Democracy before everyone's eyes and announce that he was a Dictator.

    He made short work of crime, declared the Fascist state is a living sentient being, and that there was a covenant between the state and the people, that when giving to and serving the state , she will reward you 10 fold.

    He created jobs, repaired structures, lowered unemployment, made short work of the mafia, defended Religion, created unity and patriotism, made sports flourish, motivated and disciplined children through youth groups, abolished Slavery in Africa as an abolitionist like Abraham Lincoln, prevented Communist takeover in the Spanish Civil War, and evangelized the people better than most canonized Saints or Popes.

    He wasn't a loser. He was the epitome of a real winner.

    Even winners strike out sometimes.

    His first real significant mistake as a leader didn't come until France was on the verge of falling to Hitler's Blitzkrieg.

    Mussolini effortlessly fought to keep peace, stalling Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia and annexation of Austria, and despising the invasion of Poland.

    With the retreat of Britain to their island , and the fall of France, Mussolini began to think God was on the side of Hitler as a necessary evil to battle militant secularism and form an antibolshivek block, United States of Europe, Holy Roman Empire.

    The Duce didn't know about the death camps. Most Germans didn't even know.

    What the Duce saw in Germany was the ability to defend Religion against secularism and the only force that could potentially defeat the Soviet Union, which was a worse evil than Nazi Germany.

    Back to the title of this thread. Peace, prosperity, strength, and unity can only be achieved through a one-party state where everyone is on common ground and on the same page as a general rule.

    It would require a people who are as a general rule obedient to a most benevolent, loveable, charismatic, impressive Messiah who is enlightened to know what is best for the people and proves it with his words and deeds.

    He or she would have to speak with authority and infallibly settle all disputes and divisions as the ultimate and final authority.

    Media and entertainment that stirs up vice , division, and criminal activities would need to be censored or outlawed.

    That isn't exactly realistic, but is a requirement for peace and unity, and isn't Democracy by any stretch. It would be a just, wise, and benevolent Dictatorship that qualifies as Fascist.


    Another thread for the pit. Congrats unorthodox fantasy facsist :P


      Originally posted by Din Djarin View Post
      Another thread for the pit. Congrats unorthodox fantasy facsist :P
      It doesn't belong in the pit because there is absolutely nothing trolling about it, nothing hostile or toxic about it, and it is designed to facilitate meaningful discussion about my views on religion and politics.