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    I'mma say yes just cause it's the Bulldogs. Or maybe.. The Bullfrogs. ??

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    i'm not sure if there's a terrible fan turnout, or if the few people allowed in the stands are just social distancing poorly.

    so, is this rugby? or some other sport we're not allowed to see in america?


      It's Rugby League.

      The problem with Rugby league is it was always predominantly a New South Wales based competition (NSW) which is a state in Australia. Sydney is the capital.

      Of the 16 teams in the competition, 9 of them are directly located in Sydney. So you don't see massive fan turn outs because the population of Sydney is divided and torn to sections and clubs.

      Big rivalry matches will gain a crowd of maybe 30,000.

      Other teams like Melbourne and Brisbane will get 30,000 just on their own because they're one club cities, but sydney will always struggle this way because over half the competition is located there.

      Then Newcastle and Canberra are 2 other teams and they're located only couple hours away but have their core fans in their cities.

      The biggest crowd for Rugby League that I've been in was 104,000 which was a double header game at the old Olympic stadium. Was pretty awesome.

      Also Rugby League spend a fortune on TV rights so in a way they've kind of made going to a game too expensive. You're looking at $35 a ticket for a 90min game. Plus all drinks and food ends up costing quite a bit at $9 beer. At the end of the day it's easier and cheaper to sit at home and watch all the games on subscription television which is what they rely on too. So it's a torn sport between spectators and television rights.

      When we moved to Australia we first lived in Belmore, Sydney which their team is the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs out of Belmore. Blue and white. That's my team. ??

      We live in Canberra, so the Raiders which are Vikings should have sit well with me, but I couldn't stand them lol. Couldn't go for a team everyone else did around me.

      Bulldogs for life! Even though we're like the Cleveland Browns atm and always at the bottom for 3 years now lol.


        When I lived in Australia and we'd go to the Raiders games the crowd was only between 4-6000 people. We used to go just to laugh at the turnout.

        They're not doing too bad these days and my sister tells me they get around 15000 plus now.

        The most people in that stadium in Canberra I've seen was 27,000 and that full and for a Rugby Union grand final, where our Brumbies lost with 3 seconds to go from a penalty goal. It was also snowing that night and the coldest sport played in the city in history.

        Was a good game. Heartbreaking outcome.


          Just read a scare, Von Miller was considering not playing this season due to Rona. It's all good he's playing but some other stooge elected to sit out. Never heard of him so shouldn't be too bad.


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            "The embers of our past lives lie smouldering within us awaiting the winds of remembrance to fan them in flames of reality." Dax.



              Announcer Bob Menery tik tok Comp.


                Rugby league is something i don't watch. You would think i'd watch it because of it being a footy code but it's not the footy code i actually watch.


                  Always a good day when The Lakers and LeBron lose.


                    I like Rugby league it's my 2nd fav Form of football.


                      I'm looking forward to seeing how a roster shake up and a new coaching staff and head coach for the Canterbury Bulldogs works out this year. Making the finals for first time in years would be great.



                        Pat McAfee Reacts To Vladimir Putin Scoring 8 Goal In Hockey Game


                          Still lots of rumours about the Broncos landing Aaron Rodgers


                            Seems I saw that on an interview recently. I surprised to hear he wanted to leave Green Bay... but he has good reasons.
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                              remember the old days when a professional athlete would get traded or change teams in free agency and then continue their career on the new team? and it wasn't a year long reality show style drama every time?