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I just got about half a gram for 9 dollars today

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    I just got about half a gram for 9 dollars today

    It was a bowl more than what is in the pic. I swear on Mussolini's tomb I didn't pay more than 9 dollars for it, neither did I trade anything or perform sexual favors or anything.

    Now, I don't know if it's half a gram (cuz I don't have a scale anymore), but were I to break up that chunk and go sell it at the Dorothy day homeless shelter or the school across the street (I'm joking. I know , that's not funny lol ), seriously though, I could make 50 dollars off it.

    My dealer was really a Saint today is all I can say. I really think it had something to do with all the Hail Mary's I prayed at Church today.

    Click image for larger version

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    The pic doesn't do it justice cus it's quite a chunk that you can't see the dimensions very good. It's larger in real life.

    Okay, it's nothing to be too happy about, but I appreciate the little blessings in life.

    Let me put it to you like this, most dealers won't sell you ANYTHING for 9 dollars.

    This guy gave me more than two dubs worth. I have been smoking Crystal Lia along time and never per capita had such a good deal.

    But yeah, I mean, It's not like I won the lottery or anything, but still, learn to rejoice over the little shit and you'll be a much more happy person.


      How much does a gram usually cost?


        It's two dubs and a dime, so roughly 50$ for me. It differs depending on who is buying it and who the dealer is.


          I have a prediction. You are going to be awake for a few days.


            Originally posted by SusieDerkins View Post
            I have a prediction. You are going to be awake for a few days.
            If I hadn't used Crystal in a week, yeah.

            If I wanted to be awake for a few days, I could off half a gram even as is, but I don't like the affects of sleep deprivation.

            Studies actually show that the sleep deprivation is actually worse for a person's health than the meth itself.

            I'll be very dissapointed in myself if I have bad sleep hygiene or I smoke it till I'm euphoric and have cotton mouth.

            Cotton mouth is what causes cavities.

            Last time I saw the dentist I didn't have one cavity and I have my teeth.

            My secret is I don't smoke it till my saliva dries up.

            That means I also don't (or rarely) smoke to get high or euphoric. I smoke to elevate my mood a little. Make misery go away, wake up in the morning, improve concentration, get more exersize, pray more fervently, be more motivated, write more, but not to get high.