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My neighbors kitty is stinking up my apartment

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    My neighbors kitty is stinking up my apartment

    Nothing a little pine Sol won't cure!

    My neighbor's pussy is a mess!

    He insists I baby-sit his pet while he's gone cuz she's very needy, actually the most loud and needy pussy I have ever encountered. But he never thought to provide me with kitty litter. WTF?

    Why doesn't God make catshit and piss smell less atrocious. If I was God I would make feces smell like watermelon Jolly ranchers at times and surprise you with every flavor known to mankind. Your shit would tastes just like it smells..... delicious! It would cause spiritual ecstasy and holy communion with God when consumed. Gives a whole new meaning to "Holy Shit!"

    You could make your car run on human and animal urine.... and menstruation fluid would have more opiods than heroine, have no withdrawal, high in every vitamin of the alphabet, and totally thorough anesthesia.

    Could you imagine your wife when she's having her period? Lol! She might give you that look. . Large amounts of it would be sold in an energy drink by the government called "the blood of the Saints".

    I know im not being mature, but you can't deny it would make the world a better place and life less of a burden were God as nice as I am, or if God's ideas didn't suck and were good like mine.

    I actually told a lady who asked why I jumped off a building and my response was "the shit of a ghost doesn't stink". Her response was a strange noise lol that sounded like a cross between " WTF " and "who is this crazy fucker?"
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    Maybe buy a litter box and some kitty litter for your place when the kitty comes over.
    Feed the cat inside make sure that he has the litter tray and litter outside so that the cat can be toilet trained.

    Also ask the guy what brand of litter does he used so that you can get the same sort for when you need to look after the cat.


      Matthew Mussolini Matt, check out some of those really cool YouTube videos where cats are actually toilet trained! No smelly kitty litter, you save money, and it's good for the environment. Plus some of these pussies are so clever they even know how to flush after they're done!

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