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    Joan of Arc

    How many people was she?

    Me thinks...two.

    I think she was one person...but had several sides to her. Back those millennium ago, women weren't supposed to do anything but stay at home and cook and/or raise babies. She was way way ahead of her time.

    She had to have at least 2 faces or she would have never survived to inspire people and then eventually get burned to death.

    Lord. That's awful, isn't it?


      But you know - back then, if you said you were hearing God and you did a few special things like heal people...people went ahead and believed you! The media wasn't around to find fault. (or give fake news lol)

      You didn't have to prove you'd heard something out of a burning bush that wouldn't burn up.

      So when she said she was doing God's work, even though it wasn't enough to save her in the end, it was enough for her to inspire others and obtain quite a following.


        Its 7am and I haven't even pretended to sleep last night. I'm going to drink a cup of coffee, go get the paper, and decide if I want to go for staying up all day, IF I can.

        I've slept so much lately, I'm going to try and stay up as long as I can. lol See coming online and discussing things so that the freakin world can see, makes it easy to make decisions.

        So, toodleydoo for the time being.