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What does your reading voice sound like?

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    What does your reading voice sound like?

    How does the voice in your head sound when you are reading?

    For me it depends on the subject matter.

    If I know what the voice of the author sounds like, I read it in his/her voice. But if I don’t know what they sound like, yet know their gender, I will read it in a generic man or woman’s voice. Just as I read posts on this forum. If I know a member is from a certain country, I will read their posts with an accent. All the Australians have a strong accent when I read their posts.

    Like reading letters from those you care about. You can totally hear that person’s voice as you read along.

    Those of you I’ve spoken to on Zoom, I read your posts in your voices now that I know how you sound.

    I remember when Soulcompromise back at the old site said he read my posts in Stewie Griffin’s voice.

    If I don’t know what the voice of the writer sounds like, I assign a voice that sounds like me reading aloud

    I seem to apply no reading voice to other peoples posts. Or at least most of the time.

    I am however reminded of wombat rapings when taking notice of Aussi posts. Thanks lode !


      hmm i do develop character voices. and if i know something has been written by someone i have heard, i read it in their voice with the pauses and all.


      and then you watch the ovie and like pff thats not what Louis sounds like


        I think most of the time it's a pretty neutral voice.. like, just mine, I guess? If I'm reading fiction and the characters are well-written, I might develop voices for them based on what their personalities remind me of.

        And yeah I have the same thing with the zoom people, I read your posts in your actual voices now :-)


          Well, Mel sounds like Lisa Simpson (I have said that before and think she hates it ) and WritersPanic sounds like Al Bundy. I don't think my brain has assigned voices to anyone else. The only person on here that I've spoken to one-on-one is Lolli. She's from upstate NY and I just had to hear her accent so we've talked on the phone. And wow, she sounds like a damn Yankee. Of course she thinks I sound like a damn hick...which is inaccurate of course. ?


          • Meliai
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            I actually love it haha! Sometimes if I'm being especially know-it-all-esque, I'm like oh shit I really sound like Lisa right now

          I generally read books in my own voice unless the writer has a very distinct writing style, then I take to reading it how I imagine it sounded in their head as they penned the words

          Same with the forum. Some people have a unique writing style and i've assigned a voice to them, some people I read in my own voice

          I'm the same with zoom, for those of you on the zoom calls I now read your posts in your real voice


            I read in my voice unless there is slang or a unique writing style, however, the same person can have multiple voices. I'll use Irminsul as an example, when she's talking about banjo stuff, I generally read it in my voice but when she's talking about stooges or using slang, I read that in a different voice.

            When I read a book, I read in a more proper tone than the voice of how I generally think and I'll add slight variations on tone to specific characters.


              i usually assign a rocky voice or a bullwinkle voice

              rocky for the ladies and bullwinkle for guys

              then sometimes there is peewee herman and spongbob variations


                It's a man's voice but he speaks in German so I have to have it translated


                  I sound exactly like Daffy Duck (for the zoom scaredy cats).


                    I don't think there really is a voice. Or else it's completely neutral. Reading this thread I paid attention, and it really seemed like there was no actual voice, I just kind of absorbed the words. I don't know, it's hard to explain because it doesn't really make sense even to me.

                    For some reason, asmo apparently reads my posts in lode's voice.


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                      Same here its not a voice its words

                    Mmm, interesting. When I’m reading bedtime stories to the grandchildren I go full character mode, but when reading for myself (usually non-fiction), I revert to born with a silver spoon in the mouth mode. I dunno, I just seem to understand it better and quicker when I speak like I used to.