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What's the weirdest thing you ever had a guest do at your house?

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    What's the weirdest thing you ever had a guest do at your house?

    I let this homeless brotha stay at my place and he kept asking if he could suck my dick. I told him it's against my religion and I'm straight. He kept not taking no for an answer and it pissed me off.

    He then borrowed my phone to look at porn and left the phone case face down, so it looked like it was charging while I fell asleep and he left with my phone, my backpack, my wallet, multiple gift cards, shampoo, whatever he could find.

    Even with that I still on occasion let a homeless mentally ill person crash at my place, but I'm kinda losing my charity.

    I just know what it's like to be homeless in the cold and wet, and feel like it's Jesus in disguise showing up to test me.

    The Kami have been patient with my many faults and errors. I feel I have to show the same consideration for others who are more needy but eventually I might just pull a Jeffrey Dahmer on em! Click image for larger version

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    Listened to a friend (not now, lol) tell me while we're in my car, that he wants to fuck my mom. He and I were 17 or 18.

    The whiskey and the hashish was more than he needed... I told him to go home and sleep off his boner.

    While holding my bat in my left hand, beside the seat, just in case