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What sort of things make you laugh out loud?

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    What sort of things make you laugh out loud?

    When I paid a brotha 30 dollars to trust me because he tracked me down to give me free meth because the last shit he sold me turned into foam and wouldn't burn (poison) and I was buying from a lady I called , "mother Teresa" and he demanded an insane amount at the last minute and my dealer cut me off from her permanently, and the dude I paid to trust me disappeared with the cash. Seemed like a nice guy but he must have really just needed the money more than I.

    But that's my mistake, I assumed since he tracked me down to replace the fake dope, he had a conscience. I'm searching hard for that one tweaker with a conscience and I'm guessing it's my current drug dealer because he got me my backpack back when a visitor I welcomed to stay the night stole it. One drug dealer with integrity or one tweaker with a conscience is all I seek. Haha!

    I've got a sign on my forehead saying, "please victimize me" because i want these people to be happy, but when I explode they see the devil. What the fuck am I gonna do without an anointing from above. I feel sorry for these people who had no Father. I'm waiting for someone to actually do something. They keep saying I need to watch my back and shouting from their vehicles, or they film me with their phone, but my response is usually a request that they " shoot me, please, god bless you, Jesus loves you! "

    Usually things people say unplanned. I like dry wit and deadpan humor.